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Lost Leonardo Da Vinci battle scene sparks row between art historians

A 35-year hunt to uncover a lost work by Leonardo Da Vinci is reaching a climax in Florence, while also facing an angry protest by more than 100 prominent art historians who deplore the destructive but speculative work possibly leading to the masterpiece’s uncovery. The row centres on a wall in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio on […]

Kurt Vonnegut’s dark, sad, cruel side is laid bare

A new biography of acclaimed American author Kurt Vonnegut, beloved by fans worldwide for his work’s warm humour and homespun Midwestern wisdom, has shocked many with a portrayal of a bitter, angry man prone to depression and fits of temper. The book on Vonnegut, who died in 2007, lifts the lid on the writer’s private […]

NY Opera talks end in stalemate

2 December 2011 Last updated at 11:24 GMT The NYCO says it needs to cut its performers’ pay to save it from financial ruin. The New York City Opera (NYCO) has declared a stalemate with unions in contract talks over pay and conditions. The company threatened to present its forthcoming season without its regular musicians, […]

The Craigslist killings: a motif for modern America | Paul Harris

Every age has its emblematic murders: acts of violence that tap into a wider zeitgeist blowing through a society in turmoil. Jack the Ripper exposed the perils facing Victorian London slum-dwellers just as much as any social reformer. The slaughter of pregnant actress Sharon Tate by Charles Manson’s followers symbolised the dark underbelly of the […]

Police reportedly went undercover at Occupy LA

Los Angeles police used nearly a dozen undercover detectives to infiltrate the Occupy LA encampment before this week’s raid to gather information on the anti-Wall Street protesters’ intentions, according to media reports. None of the officers slept at the camp, but they tried to blend in during the weeks leading up to the raid to […]

US Unemployment Rate Drops Sharply

The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to the lowest level in more than two years in November. The report shows a mixed picture, however, for the troubled U.S. job market. The news for people lining up to apply for jobs got a little better on Friday. The Labor Department says November’s jobless rate was 8.6 percent, […]

Clinton Urges Burma to End ‘Illicit’ Ties to North Korea

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called on Burma to end any “illicit” military ties to North Korea, and says more work must be done before the United States can consider lifting sanctions. Clinton said Thursday during a landmark visit to Burma that its government must respect international consensus against the spread of nuclear […]

The IMF must heed G20 decisions | Kevin Gallagher

The G20 meeting in Cannes earlier this month was derailed by the pressing eurozone crisis. Actors were disappointed if they were looking for concrete action on global imbalances and the food crisis, let alone the new global monetary system that French President Nicolas Sarkozy boasted would be the goal of the summit when he first […]

Bradley Manning lawyer: White House review found ‘leak’ did no real damage

The US army intelligence analyst suspected of giving classified material to WikiLeaks says a White House review has concluded that the alleged leaks did no real damage to national security. Bradley Manning‘s defence attorney made the claim in a court filing he released publicly on Monday. The filing also claims a defence department review found […]

Kerouac’s ‘lost’ debut novel is published 70 years after its conception at sea

The American beat generation author Jack Kerouac is said to have spent just eight days on active service in the US merchant marines on board the SS Dorchester in 1942; but his short stay furnished him with notes for his first novel and, after nearly 70 years, it has now been published for the first […]