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Is It Imagination or Is “Terror” The Word of the Season… October 6, 2010

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It is terror this and terror that…

It seems that here lately terror is the new word to deal with. Article after article from the main stream press deals with terror…

So given the thickening flurry of terror-related developments around the world — intelligence discoveries, counter-terrorism efforts, rising threat levels — the global public, and people in Europe in particular, could be forgiven for reading them as worrying signs of a looming strike on Western soil is emanate and looming in the near future…

We live in a terror induced scared world to control the masses by fear…

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“Dangerous” book destroyed in US… September 27, 2010

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Dmitry Borisov
27.09.2010, 16:22

The Pentagon of the United States has bought and trashed all the 9,500 copies of the book on secret military operations in Afghanistan. It has become the first case when any ministry or department was so anxious to destroy the entire edition of the book. This seems archaic, to say the least, in our informational epoch.

The memoirs, entitled Operation Dark Heart: Spycraft and Special Ops on the Frontlines of Afghanistan and the Path to Victory, were written by a former military intelligence agent, retired Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer. The book was expected to be released on September 24th, before the Pentagon ordered to destroy all the copies. Anthony Shaffer himself does not think his memoirs disclose any dangerous information, unlike the U.S. military. A Pentagon spokesperson said they could harm national security, after over 200 fragments containing secret information were found in the book, including the description of secret operations, activities of the CIA and the National Security Agency.

Numerous words and whole paragraphs have been sponged out from the original text throughout the book’s 299 pages, substantially reducing its size and making it senseless to print the rest. Lieutenant Colonel Shaffer said that “buying 10,000 books to suppress a story in this digital age is ludicrous”. It is clear that the original story has already leaked into the web, Director General of the Effective Policy Foundation Kirill Tanayev said in an interview with the Voice of Russia.

Indeed, it is next to impossible to limit the spread of information throughout the Internet, which is true not only for the United States, but also for Russia, Europe and Asia. In compliance with the widely accepted practice, any country, Russia among them, may curb this spread only amid a counter-terrorist operation or ongoing terrorist attacks. In most cases, the military decide what information can be disclosed, which may produce lawlessness.”

The American military pledged to pay Antony Shaffer for his work, after people refused to buy the incomplete book. Meanwhile, one of the salesmen at the eBay auction says he is ready to sell the unedited book for $2,000. The number of similar proposals is very likely to increase in the nearest future.

The scandal around Shaffer’s book burst out following the monumental leak of classified Afghan war documents, released by WikiLeaks in July. The Pentagon urged the return of all documents and the destruction of their copies, but the website’s owners not only refused to do this, but are said to be preparing a series of new exposures. Once the information spreads throughout the web, it becomes indestructible, and the countdown has therefore begun for the appearance of the book’s copies.

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Looks Like Iraq is Teetering on the Edge of a Civil War in 2010… August 30, 2010

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Good thing that we ran…

We really helped a lot in Iraq!

Run America Run! The world is catching up to us and our lies…

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I Understand This… August 18, 2010

to earth thou shalt return
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Ken O’Keefe grew up an American in a nation that he believed was the greatest in the world, a bastion of freedom and democracy. In order to protect those ideals, he joined the Marine Corps, and went to fight for his country in the Gulf War. That was when the American dream became a nightmare.

“I was punished for speaking out about something that my superiors were doing, and my life became extremely difficult,” O’Keefe told RT. “And upon my return with a different perspective, I started to look at American history and politics, and realized that my whole life I had been lied to. I believed in those ideals, I believed in them, and when I found out that those ideals weren’t really the way America was presenting itself in the rest of the world, it became clear to me at some point that I would renounce my citizenship.”

And renounce it he did – O’Keefe applied to the State Department to stop being American, claimed political asylum in Holland, and burned his US passport. O’Keefe knows that not everyone will agree with what he has done; some maintain that he could have exerted more pressure from inside the system. However they choose to do it, Middle East commentator Alan Hart says Americans must do something.

“I have a love-hate relationship with America,” Hart said. “On one level, Americans are the most uninformed, misinformed, most gullible people in the face of God’s earth. That’s the bad news. Deep down they are also the most idealistic. So I say, and Americans didn’t mind me saying it, that if they were properly informed about the causes and effects of things in the Middle East, they could become engaged to make their democracy work.”

It hasn’t always been this way. At the end of the Second World War, the US was leading the world both economically and morally.

According to Carol Turner from the Stop the War Coalition, it has steadily eroded that goodwill.

“Because it is failing to give that ethical lead now, it is increasingly forced back onto using its military power to impose its will,” Turner claimed.

Ken O’Keefe is committed to changing the situation. Since giving up his US citizenship, he has made it his mission to oppose US military action wherever he can. He also was onboard one of the Gaza-bound aid ships raided by Israeli commandos in May. Following that, he was branded a terrorist by Israel.

For Ken O’Keefe, now an Irish citizen, giving up his nationality wasn’t an easy decision. And he insists it wasn’t one borne out of hatred.

“I realized at a certain point that citizenship was a social contract, and I didn’t agree to the terms of the contract,” O’Keefe stated. “Among the obligations – you have rights and you have obligations – and among those obligations is paying taxes, and those taxes are being used to commit mass murder, and I don’t agree to that. A lot of people misinterpret renouncing citizenship for hating America, and that is absolutely not the case at all. I have a deep love for the American people and I wish that the ideal of America could become a reality.”

Until that dream becomes a reality, O’Keefe, and others like him, will be staying away from the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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Iran Reveals US, Israel Pressures on Egypt to Deny Visa for MPs… August 12, 2010

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Member of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Parviz Sorouri revealed US and the Zionist regime’s pressures on Egypt no to issue visas for the Iranian MPs planning to visit Gaza in support for Palestinian people.

The Iranian lawmaker said Egypt has yet to issue visa for a Gaza-bound Iranian parliamentary delegation due to pressures by the US and Israel.

“The Egyptian government was supposed to issue visas for Iran‘s parliamentary delegation last Tuesday but [has] postponed it until today and still has not issued the visas,” Sorouri said Wednesday.

Sorouri, who is also a member of the Gaza-bound delegation, went on to say that the US and Israel had mounted pressures on Egypt to deny visa to Iranian lawmakers.

“All the preparations for the trip to Gaza have been made and we will leave as soon as the visas are issued,” he said.

The delegation seeks to assess the state of affairs in Gaza and report back to the Iranian Parliament.

The effort comes despite Israel’s threats to block further attempts to break the Gaza siege.

Israel says it will exhaust every avenue to block Iranian and other international aid shipments to the besieged strip.

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