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Wisconsin faces lawsuit as civil rights groups cry foul over new voting rules

A tough new law in the state of Wisconsin requiring voters to carry a photo ID card before they can cast their vote is being challenged in a federal lawsuit that claims thousands of poor, black and elderly people could be disenfranchised. The legal action, lodged in the federal court for the eastern district of […]

Voter Turnout Low in Syria Municipal Elections Amid Protests

Despite violence that continues to roil the country, Syria’s government is holding local council elections Monday as it downplays anti-government unrest as the work of a small group of foreign-backed terrorists. In Syria’s northern, heavily Kurdish province of Hasaka a crowd chants slogans against local council elections taking place across the country Monday. Witnesses say […]

First Round of Voting Ends in Egypt

Egyptians have completed the first round of voting in the first parliamentary elections since a popular uprising forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign in February. The country’s interim military leaders are hailing round one as a success and say voter turnout was high. No major problems are reported. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is […]

Delays Threaten Elections in Democratic Republic of Congo

Presidential campaigning begins this week in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  But opposition parties and international election observers have expressed concern next month’s poll may be postponed.  VOA West Africa Correspondent Scott Stearns has more. Incumbent President Joseph Kabila’s biggest challenger in this vote is longtime opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi. Unlike in the last presidential […]

G.O.P. Gains House Seat Vacated by Weiner

September 14, 2011 by legitgov ShareThis G.O.P. Gains House Seat Vacated by Weiner 14 Sep 2011 A little-known Republican businessman from Queens, channeling voter discontent with President Obama into an upset, won election to Congress on Tuesday from the heavily Democratic district in New York City last represented by Anthony D. Weiner. The Republican, Bob […]