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US Congress deal averts shutdown

16 December 2011 Last updated at 03:42 GMT Disagreement over payroll tax cuts is the latest impasse to hit Washington in recent months Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress have agreed a compromise spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. The deal averts the possibility of US federal agencies shutting down because of a […]

Troy Davis remembered by Antone De’Jaun Correia

My uncle, Troy Davis, was arrested in 1989 and sentenced to death in 1991, three years before I was born. He was in jail my whole life, but I knew him very well. I visited him with my mother – his sister – on death row in the Georgia state prison every other week until […]

US forced to leave Pakistan base as relations reach new low after NATO attack

December 5, 2011 by legitgov ShareThis US forced to leave Pakistan base as relations reach new low after NATO attack that killed 24 04 Dec 2011 US military personnel have begun leaving Shamsi air base in Pakistan, after a NATO attack that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers near the Afghan border plunged U.S.-Pakistani relations to an […]

Middle incomes: the American nightmare | Editorial

The US economy is now almost thrice as big as in the early 1970s – and yet the typical working man finds not a dime of this transformative growth in his pay packet. At an outstanding event in London last week, the Resolution Foundation assembled experts from both sides of the Atlantic to consider the […]

Demi Moore in split with Kutcher

18 November 2011 Last updated at 04:25 GMT Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher in happier times Demi Moore has announced “with great sadness” the end of her six-year marriage to fellow actor Ashton Kutcher. The Hollywood power couple’s split follows reports in recent months of Kutcher’s alleged infidelity. Kutcher tweeted that he would “forever cherish” […]

Poll: Clinton favored over 2012 GOP candidates

October 28, 2011 by legitgov ShareThis Poll: Clinton favored over 2012 GOP candidates 27 Oct 2011 People can’t help but wonder what might happen if Hillary Rodham Clinton ran again for president. A new Time Magazine poll shows Clinton easily defeating the major Republican candidates, were she somehow to become the 2012 Democratic nominee for […]

Lohan late for first day of community service

Los Angeles (CNN) — After missing her first day of community service at the Los Angeles County morgue, actress Lindsay Lohan gets a second chance to appear on time Friday. “Lindsay arrived at the morgue approximately 20 minutes late and will be returning for orientation tomorrow,” said her publicist Steven Honig Thursday. Just a day […]

Foreign Aid Set to Take Hit in U.S. Budget Crisis

As lawmakers scramble to trim the swelling national debt, both the Republican-controlled House and the Democrat-controlled Senate have proposed slashing financing for the State Department and its related aid agencies at a time of desperate humanitarian crises and uncertain political developments. The proposals have raised the specter of deep cuts in food and medicine for […]

5 Ways for College Students to Survive Being Homesick

You may have planned out everything for your time in college. You contacted your roommate early. You have all your financial aid paperwork in order. You memorized a map of campus so you wouldn’t get lost like a dork during the first week. But for all your planning, you may have not expected one major […]

5 Questions for Students and Parents to Answer About College Finances

JULIE: Hopefully you’ll begin discussing finances with your college student long before they set foot on campus. But whenever you decide to have the “money talk,” don’t forget to cover these essentials: 1. Who is paying for what? There are seemingly as many different strategies for paying for college as there are families. Money can come […]