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Rick Perry and HPV vaccine-maker have deep financial ties September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011

by legitgov


Rick Perry and HPV vaccine-maker have deep financial ties 13 Sep 2011 Rick Perry’s  gubernatorial campaigns have received nearly $30,000 from Merck since 2000, most of that before he issued his vaccine mandate, which was overturned by the Texas legislature. In 2007, Perry became the first governor in the country to attempt to make the HPV vaccine mandatory. One of Perry’s closest confidantes, his former chief of staff Mike Toomey, was then working as an Austin-based lobbyist for Merck, which was in the midst of a multimillion-dollar campaign to persuade states to make the vaccine mandatory. Toomey has since helped found Make Us Great Again, a pro-Perry super PAC that can accept unlimited donations from corporations and wealthy donors. The group plans to raise as much as $55 million to help Perry compete for the GOP nomination, according to media reports.

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To Catch A Predator host . . . caught June 30, 2011

The hidden camera ploy that has propelled television host Chris Hansen into an American pop culture phenomenon has pulled a fast one on the To Catch a Predator star.

The Daily Mail is reporting today that Hansen, the Dateline NBC personality that has hosted the popular To Catch a Predator series from 2004 through 2007, has been caught cheating on his wife Mary Joan Hansen, with whom he has fathered two sons.

It is being reported today that the National Enquirer was instrumental in arranging an undercover sting operation last weekend in which Hansen was caught on film going on a date with a blonde-haired reporter 20 years younger than him.

The Daily Mail claims that the hidden cameras reveal Hansen and Kristyn Caddell, a 30-year-old journalist from Florida, going out to dinner at the hoity-toity Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan and then heading off to Miss Cadddel’s Palm Beach apartment. The recording allegedly shows the couple then leaving her apartment the following morning with luggage in tow.

Undercover footage reportedly recorded the couple driving along the ocean, at a gas station, a liquor store and eventually Caddell’s apartment. The next day the tape continued to roll as Caddell took Hansen to the airport.

As host of NBC’s To Catch A Predator, Hansen and his crew have aired 12 investigations across the United States in which authorities carried out undercover stings to nab sexual predators seeking out children for elicit acts. After luring men to the homes of alleged underage prey, Hansen and a film crew question, document and humiliate criminals with the help of NBC videographers, hidden surveillance cams and law enforcement.

Former Texas District Attorney Louis Conradt committed suicide in 2006 after a SWAT team entered his house during a sting enacted in part by the television program. Authorities had created a fictional 13-year-old boy to whom Conradt engaged in explicit online chats with. When SWAT later stormed his Terrell, Texas home as the Dateline crew surrounded the premises, Conradt killed himself with a Browning .380 handgun bullet to the head.

Hansen has recently been investigating around Florida to try to find out how star athlete James ‘Jimmy T’ Trindade went missing in 2006. An anonymous source has told the Daily Mail that Hansen and Caddell met at a martini bar in Palm Beach earlier this year, and that “there was an immediate physical attraction between them.”

The source also claims that Caddell later boasted to friends that she spent the night with Hansen.

The Enquirer is alleging that the couple has been continuing recondite rendezvous along the East Coast, with the two spending weekends together in Miami, Palm Beach and even New York City. Previously Caddell worked as an intern in NBC’s New York City office.

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Texas town pulls the plug on police department

Attention gun-toting Texas natives: if you were looking to go a’looting, your time is now!

City Council members in Alto, Texas, a town of around 1,200, have voted to abolish the city’s police department for at least six months as the community considers if they will be able to afford the force into 2012.

As of June 15, Alto is being run by the Cherokee County sheriff’s office, whose headquarters are around 12 miles north of town. With only two dozen employees on the force there, overseeing security in the city of Alto will be a burden on the 1,000-square-mile stretch of land that the department is already in charge of.

“I’m going to try, but I can’t guarantee you there will always be an officer in the town,” says Sheriff James Campbell to the Wall Street Journal.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department is also the sole enforcer in Wells, Texas, which has a population of around 800. Earlier this year they relieved their only police officer.

Alto Mayor Monty Collins was against the measure, and he says now that the town’s citizens are instructing others to “bolt your doors” and “buy a gun.”

City Council officials in Alto calculate a budget shortfall of around $185,000 for the fiscal year ending on September 30, but note that it costs about $230,000 to run the town’s PD.

“We had to do something drastic,” says Jerry Flowers to WSJ. Flowers is both a councilman and hay farmer in Alto. “The police department, being a non-money-making entity, was the easiest to get rid of while we catch our breath and build up some cash.”

Apparently the council was given the choice of funding the police department or repairing the city-owned natural gas distribution system. With the latter generating most of the city’s revenue, it was an easy decision for lawmakers.

Charles Barron, however, feels otherwise. As Alto police chief, Barron says that the per-capita crime rate in 2010 exceeded the statewide level. The city was subjected to 66 reported crimes that year, including two dozen burglaries and 39 larcenies.

An antiquated printing press used by an Alto newspaper has been moved to a nearby museum in the meantime to protect it from looters.

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2 House Members Want to End Federal Ban on Pot June 24, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two House members have introduced a bill that would remove marijuana from the list of federal controlled substances and cede to the states enforcement of laws governing pot.

The legislation would eliminate marijuana-specific penalties under federal law, but would maintain a ban on transporting marijuana across state lines. It would allow individuals to grow and sell marijuana in states that chose to make it legal.

The bill was introduced Thursday by Democrat Barney Frank of Massachusetts and Republican Ron Paul of Texas. Paul is running for the GOP presidential nomination.

Frank said he’s not advocating marijuana use, but believes that criminal prosecution is a waste of resources and an intrusion on personal freedom.

The bill has no chance of passing the Republican-controlled House.

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Bipartisan Bill Pushes for Pot Legalization June 23, 2011

 The unlikely duo of Democratic Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts and Republican Rep. Ron Paul of Texas are cosponsoring a bill to end the federal criminalization of marijuana, reports

A press release from the marijuana Policy Project describes it as “bi-partisan legislation … ending the federal war on marijuana and letting states legalize, regulate, tax, and control marijuana without federal interference.”

Morgan Fox, a representative of the Washington, D.C., group, told Reason that the bill has gained traction on the heels of the 40th anniversary of the start of the United States drug war, and should see real consideration in the House of Representatives.

“It’s definitely going to get a serious debate, probably more in the media than on the floor of the House,” said Fox. “Someone in the prohibitionist camp could hold it up as long as they wanted, but the slew of opinion pieces that came out last week calling for the end of the failed drug war will give this momentum.”

Frank and Paul are due to announce the bill on Thursday.

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