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US to lower flag to end Iraq war

15 December 2011 Last updated at 09:08 GMT Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. President Barack Obama: “You have shown why the US military is the finest fighting force in the history of the world” The US flag is to be lowered in Baghdad, formally marking the end of US military operations […]

Panetta: Troops’ Sacrifices ‘Paying Off’ in Afghanistan

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told American troops in eastern Afghanistan the United States is winning the 10-year-old war against extremists in the country. Panetta flew to a remote U.S. Military base to present valor award medals to soldiers and offer reassurances the troops are making what he called significant progress in the war against […]

US condemns Egypt’s military rulers amid exasperation among protesters

The US has sharply stepped up criticism of Egypt‘s military rulers as Washington grapples once again with how to deal with an authoritarian ally in Cairo responsible for a bloody crackdown against people demanding democratic rights. After days of refusing to directly blame the Egyptian security forces for the deaths of at least 36 people […]

New Greek PM Says Country Is at ‘Crucial Crossroads’

Greece’s newly named caretaker prime minister, Lucas Papademos, says his country is at a “crucial crossroads” and it won’t be easy to fix the huge problems facing the Greek economy. Thursday, Greece’s feuding political leaders named Papademos, a former vice president of the European Central Bank, to be the country’s interim leader until a national […]

US Withdrawal Raises Questions of a Vacuum in Iraq

Friday’s White House announcement of a full withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq raises many questions about the future of the country and the U.S. military presence in the Persian Gulf. For months, the United States military awaited Iraq’s decision with some anxiety, as expressed by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on a trip to Iraq […]

Source: China wants U.S. to reconsider Taiwan arms deal

(CNN) — China is continuing to speak out against a multibillion-dollar U.S. arms sale to Taiwan, with the Chinese foreign minister telling U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Monday that the Obama administration should reconsider the deal. Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi met with Clinton in New York, where the United Nations General Assembly is […]