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Afghan Women Use Boxing to Fight Stereotypes

During the Taliban’s oppressive rule in the 1990s, Afghan women were stripped of most of their rights. Women were not allowed to work or get an education, much less take part in sports. Now, more than a decade later, a group of young women in Kabul not only are learning to box, but doing it […]

Penn State’s Joe Paterno cancels press conference

Penn State University football coach Joe Paterno, one of the most famous figures in American sport, has avoided his first chance to publicly address questions regarding a criminal investigation into allegations that a long-time assistant coach sexually abused boys. In addition, the New York Times reported on Tuesday that Paterno’s tenure as coach at Penn […]

Double dose of F1 Americana thrills Bernie Ecclestone

The Formula One map is set for more change with the confirmation of plans to host a street-circuit race in the state of New Jersey, with the Manhattan skyline as its backdrop. Bernie Ecclestone has been trying to break into the Big Apple since before his Beatles haircut turned white and now, with Austin, Texas, scheduled […]

Hawaii makes surfing official high school sport

Hawaii will soon become the first state in the US to call surfing an official high school sport. Governor Neil Abercrombie and state education officials said on Monday that riding the waves will join the likes of football, basketball, volleyball and swimming as a state-sanctioned prep sport in public schools, starting as early as spring […]

John Lennon Was a Closet Republican, Claims Assistant

The man who was an icon for peace and radicalism and full to the brim with songs in protest of American imperialism, the Cold War, and military violence was — in fact — not a liberal. John Lennon was a closet Republican in his final days, according to the former Beatle’s personal assistant. John Lennon […]

Los Alamos nuclear waste almost on fire

The New Mexico wildfire that has turned America’s heads towards the Los Alamos nuke plant is inching closer and closer to the laboratory, where the Associate Press says it is now a few miles from a dumpsite. If the fire extends another 3.5 miles, it could overtake an area where 30,000 55-gallon drums of plutonium-contaminated […]

NM Blaze Threatening Nuclear Lab, Sparking Fires

LOS ALAMOS, N.M. — Firefighters worked through the night hoping to put out spot fires erupting ahead of a wildfire in the mountains above the northern New Mexico town that is home to a government nuclear laboratory. “That’s the biggest threat we have right now to homes in the community,” Deputy Los Alamos County Fire […]

Drivers, Engineer Watched Nev. Amtrak Crash Unfold

SPARKS, Nev. — Although officials reported throughout the day Saturday that two people died when a semitrailer smashed into an Amtrak train Friday, they updated that toll to at least six late Saturday, after combing through the debris from the fiery crash. And 28 remain unaccounted for, although officials said that number may be misleading […]

US Hits Iran Air, Port Company with Sanctions

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration hit two pillars of the Iranian economy with sanctions Thursday, targeting the Islamic republic’s national airline carrier and a major port company on charges that they facilitate illegal weapons trade and help the mighty Revolutionary Guard corps in destabilizing activity in Iran and nearby countries. The Treasury Department’s action […]

2 House Members Want to End Federal Ban on Pot

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two House members have introduced a bill that would remove marijuana from the list of federal controlled substances and cede to the states enforcement of laws governing pot. The legislation would eliminate marijuana-specific penalties under federal law, but would maintain a ban on transporting marijuana across state lines. It would allow individuals […]