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US trade deficit narrows further

9 December 2011 Last updated at 14:49 GMT US imports have stagnated over the last six months The US trade deficit narrowed further in October as imports fell faster than exports, official data has shown. Total exports of $179bn (£115bn) fell 0.8% from September, while imports fell 1% to $223bn, giving a total deficit of […]

Obama Commerce Nominee Tries to Reassure Republicans

WASHINGTON — Former energy company executive John Bryson Tuesday sought to persuade Republicans he would be a strong voice for business in President Barack Obama’s administration if confirmed as Commerce Secretary. “The reason that President Obama reached out to me was my business experience,” Bryson told the Senate Commerce Committee during a hearing in which […]

Obama Touts Importance of Fatherhood

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says kids need quality time, structure and unconditional love from their parents, calling being a dad sometimes his hardest job — but also the most rewarding. Just ahead of Father’s Day, the president devoted his regular Saturday radio and Internet address to fatherhood, talking about growing up without a […]

Fox Says it Will Bid for 4 Olympics through 2020

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — Fox has made its pitch for the next set of U.S. Olympic television rights, saying it wants to bid on a four-games package through 2020. Fox sports chairman David Hill led a six-man delegation that made a two-hour presentation Monday to IOC officials, seeking to secure the first games in the U.S. […]

America Flirts With World War Three…

North Korea warned Tuesday that the continuing military drills by the United States and South Korea could lead to “all-out war any time.” “If the U.S. and the South Korean war-like forces fire even a shell into the inviolable land and territorial waters of the DPRK, they will have to pay dearly for this,” the […]

North Korea Did Not Sink the South Korean Ship…

Big Mouth and Liar… Doubts surface on North Korea’s role in ship sinking: Some in South Korea dispute the official version of events: that a North Korean torpedo ripped apart the Cheonan. July 23, 2010|By Barbara Demick and John M. Glionna, Los Angeles Times Reporting from Seoul — The way U.S. officials see it, there’s […]

We Are Good At Making North Korea Love Us…

We keep searching for ways to punish North Korea and North Korea did nothing wrong… We really are a sick country… SEOUL — Searching for new ways to punish North Korea after blaming it for sinking a South Korean warship in March, the Obama administration announced Wednesday that it will strengthen existing sanctions against the […]

So We Lied and Lied Again…

America just spent the last few weeks telling lies about how China will allow their currency to adjust against the dollar. China did say they would think about it, but officially in the last few days China made it clear that they will continue as they always have… Now America is crying that China is […]

Russia Says Not To Run Blindly and Wait Untill The facts are Proven…

Funny how America accepts so easily South Korea’s version of the ship sinking and torpedo… Russia has a whole lot better attitude toward it… “Although only one version has been broadly circulated, we should not take it immediately for granted,” Medvedev said in an interview to the U.S. daily Wall Street Journal. “A thorough investigation […]

South Korea Using Twitter to What?

South Korea’s defense ministry will show wreckage of a sunken ship to a group of Twitter users in an effort to dispel doubts among young skeptics about its investigation blaming North Korea for attacking the vessel, state media said Monday. The more I listen to this escapade between North and South Korea, the more I […]