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US uncovers ‘major drug tunnel’ November 17, 2011

US police said the tunnel was 400 yards long

US officials say they have uncovered a major drug-smuggling tunnel under the border with Mexico and seized an estimated 14 tons of marijuana.

Customs officials said the tunnel linked warehouses in Tijuana, Mexico, and Otay Mesa, in California.

Pictures of the tunnel showed wooden supports and electric cables indicative of lighting and ventilation systems.

Dozens of such tunnels have been found in recent years as US police have cracked down on overland smuggling.

More than 30 have been discovered this year, Mexican authorities said, according to AFP news agency.

The tunnels are also used to smuggle illegal migrants into the US.

Nine or 10 tons of marijuana was found on the US side of the tunnel while Mexican police seized five tons on their end, said Derek Benner, a special agent with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

The tunnel was estimated at 400 yards (365m) in length but it was not clear how deep or wide it was.

Other tunnels found by US police have included tracks, lights and ventilation systems.

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Found: bullet that smashed White House window November 16, 2011

The US secret service has found a bullet from a semi-automatic rifle that smashed a window at the White House, according to officials.

The service has been investigating a shooting that occurred near the White House on Friday. On Tuesday morning, it discovered two bullets, one of which had smashed a window before being stopped by special anti-ballistic glass protecting the building’s interior; the other round was found outside the building.

Shots were fired between two vehicles on Constitution Avenue, about half a mile from the White House, shortly after 9pm on Friday. Later the same evening, secret service officials discovered an AK-47 rifle in an abandoned car. Officials could not confirm links between the bullets and the reported shooting. No one was reported injured during the incident.

A US park police spokesman, Sergeant David Schlosser, said on Sunday police were still looking for a suspect, and had issued an arrest warrant for a 21-year-old man, Oscar Ramiro Ortega, in connection with the shooting, for carrying a dangerous weapon.

Ortega is thought to be at large in the Washington DC area, but to have links with Idaho. Police believe he has been in the Washington area for several weeks, Schlosser said. “We want to hear from Mr Ortega. We want to hear his version as to what happened. This will help us fill in the blanks as to what actually occurred on Friday evening, and we would like to resolve this soon.”

Police found a car crashed near Theodore Roosevelt bridge, west of the White House, and the Washington monument. Schlosser said investigators had found a semi-automatic weapon and shell casings inside the vehicle. “The actions that Mr Ortega participated in on Friday evening – that being the discharge of a firearm near the White House – is an inherently dangerous activity, and because of that we do want to find Mr Ortega as quickly as possible,” said Schlosser. “At this point, we’re not certain what his intentions were.”

President Barack Obama and the first lady, Michelle Obama, were in California at the time of the shooting. They then travelled to Hawaii for the Asia-Pacific economic co-operation forum. The president is currently in Australia for a 27-hour visit.

Before the shooting, Ortega had been stopped by police in Virginia at around 11am after behaving suspiciously, said Lieutenant Joe Kantor, with Arlington county police. Police took photos of Ortega – who was not arrested – including an image showing one of his tattoos: the word Israel written on his neck. They later released the picture, asking the public for any information on the shooting incident.

Ortega has a history in three states of criminal activity, including drug charges, underage possession of alcohol and assaults on law enforcement officers, police say.

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Global Occupy movement evictions November 15, 2011

Police evict protesters from encampments in the US and Switzerland

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Were police right to evict the Occupy Wall Street camp? | Poll

Last night, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered protesters to vacate their camp in Zuccotti Park. A few hours later riot police with batons moved in to forcibly evict protesters. Do you think the NYPD’s actions were justified?

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Camp cleared at Occupy Oakland

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Police dismantle Oakland Occupy tents in Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza

Police have shut down a camp set up by Occupy protesters in Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza, dismantling tents and arresting 32 people.

The raid comes after police issued eviction warnings to the protesters.

Many demonstrators appeared to have left the camp and moved to an intersection, according to reports in local media and on Twitter.

A similar raid ended with police in riot gear arresting 50 people in Portland, Oregon on Sunday evening.

Police declared the Oakland plaza a “crime scene” shortly after Monday morning’s arrests and cleared media from the area.

Hours before the raid, a legal adviser to Oakland Mayor Jean Quan resigned, at 02:00 via Twitter, saying he supported Occupy Oakland.

The protest has been marred in recent weeks by repeated outbreaks of violence and a shooting incident.

‘Crime scene’

Police calls for protesters to “cease and desist” increased after the shooting of 25-year-old Kayode Ola Foster near the plaza on Thursday evening.

Mr Foster’s family confirmed to police that he had been a frequent resident of the Occupy Oakland encampment.

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I don’t see how they’re going to disperse us. There are thousands of people who are going to come back”

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Ohad Meyer
Occupy Oakland

Oakland police said witnesses have told them that one of two suspects in the shooting stayed at the plaza, but they have not released the names of either suspect.

Even as officials blocked the streets around the camp, some demonstrators said they would return.

“I don’t see how they’re going to disperse us,” Ohad Meyer, an Oakland resident told the Associated Press. “There are thousands of people who are going to come back.”

Johnna Watson, a police spokeswoman, told reporters the area was now a crime scene.

“We don’t want anyone to go through where we have to document property,” she said.

Mayor Jean Quan and other officials reportedly toured the plaza with police after it had been cleared.

Ms Quan has come under criticism for her handling of the last attempt to clear the protesters, in which a Iraqi war veteran was wounded.

Scott Olsen, 24, suffered a skull fracture on 25 October and became a rallying point for protesters across the country.

Mr Olsen confirmed on Google+ on Monday that he was home from the hospital.

“After my freedom of speech was quite literally taken from me, my speech is coming back but I’ve got a lot of work to do with rehab,” he said.

The Oakland Police Officers Association released a statement on Monday thanking the protesters for leaving the area peacefully, according to the Oakland Tribune.

‘No riot here’

In Portland, Mayor Sam Adams ordered the camp to be shut down on the grounds that “crime, especially reported assaults, has increased in the area around the camps”.

More than 100 tents were removed from the plaza on Monday

Using loudspeakers, police warned that anyone who resisted orders to leave the parks and surrounding areas risked arrest and “may also be subject to chemical agents and impact weapons”.

Demonstrators chanted “We are a peaceful protest”, “I don’t see no riot here, take off your riot gear” and “The whole world is watching”.

The protest began peacefully, witnesses said, but there were confrontations and shouting as police in riot gear attempted to move people out of the squares.

Police also moved in to evict protesters camping in the cities of Denver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday.

Seventeen people were arrested in Denver, police said.

Occupy Wall Street is in its second month of protest against corporate greed and economic inequality.

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