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US Drone Crashes in Seychelles

A U.S. drone aircraft has crashed at an airport in the Seychelles. The U.S. embassy in nearby Mauritius says the remote-controlled MQ-9 aircraft crashed Tuesday at the Seychelles International airport on the island of Mahe. Officials from the Seychelles Civilian Aviation Authority said the drone was on a routine patrol and developed engine problems minutes […]

VIDEO: US officer parks car on lamppost

A police office in the US state of Florida has accidentally driven his patrol car into the tension rod of a telephone pole and ended up parked upright against the mast. Stunned residents came out of their homes to observe the spectacle in Liberty City, Miami. The driver escaped the vehicle unhurt.

US military drone monitoring piracy crashes in Seychelles

An American military drone which had been used to monitor piracy off the East African coast has crashed at an airport on the island nation of Seychelles during a routine patrol, officials said Tuesday. The US embassy in Mauritius said the unmanned US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper was not armed and that the crash caused […]

400-metre drug tunnel found on Mexico-US border

Mexican police reveal cross-border drug tunnel Link to this video US and Mexican authorities have found one of the most sophisticated secret drug smuggling tunnels ever discovered on their shared border. An estimated 17 tonnes of marijuana were found in the tunnel, which stretched about 400 metres and linked warehouses in San Diego and Tijuana, […]

Mexican Immigrants Repeatedly Brave Risks to Resume Lives in United States

AGUA PRIETA, Mexico — “My wife, my son — I have to get back to them,” Daniel kept telling himself, from the moment he was arrested in Seattle for driving with an expired license, all the way through the deportation proceeding that delivered him to Mexico in June. Nothing would deter him from crossing the […]