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US Congressional Panel Seeks to Aid Syrian Opposition

A congressional subcommittee panel on Wednesday examined U.S. policy toward Syria, asking what lawmakers can do to help the opposition as the Damascus government crackdown on the Syrian people continues.  Some lawmakers questioned whether the Obama administration should continue to advocate for a peaceful resolution in Syria in the face of widespread violence. Members of […]

Palestinians plan to oust Tony Blair as Middle East peace envoy over ‘bias to Israel’


Arab Spring Added Pressures to Middle East Peace Process

The impact of the Arab Spring has been obvious in places like Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, where popular uprisings forced longtime leaders out of power, or in Syria and Yemen where ruling governments continue bloody campaigns against their countries’ own people. But in the rest of the Middle East region, the effects have been more […]

David Cameron outlines foreign policy philosophy – but don’t call it a doctrine

NEW YORK It doesn’t really get much better than this on the world stage for a British prime minister. David Cameron pitched up in New York at lunchtime on Wednesday for the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly less than a week after an ecstatic reception on the streets of Tripoli and Benghazi. […]