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Mitt Romney attacked as out of touch over $10,000 TV bet attempt

Mitt Romney was accused of being out of touch with working-class America on Sunday, after the Republican presidential candidate tried to make an impromptu $10,000 bet during a TV debate. The slip, at the time of high unemployment and a growing poverty divide, could damage Romney three weeks before the first of the Republican contests […]

GOP candidates

2 December 2011 Last updated at 12:11 GMT As the first votes of the primary season approach, the BBC looks at the Republican candidates hoping to stand against President Barack Obama in November. Continue reading the main story Michele Bachmann Herman CainCampaign suspended Newt Gingrich Jon Huntsman Ron Paul Rick Perry Mitt Romney Rick Santorum […]

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich set for showdown in crucial GOP debate

After seeing his rivals for the GOP presidential nomination self-destruct one by one, tonight’s debate in Iowa offers Mitt Romney his best opportunity to arrest Newt Gingrich‘s sudden surge in popularity. As poll after poll in recent days has shown that Gingrich has replaced Romney as undisputed frontrunner for the Republican nomination, Romney’s campaign has […]

GOP race: does Iowa still matter?

Almost all the Republican presidential candidates have dispensed with the traditional campaign playbook this year. Normally at this point in the race, they will have spent hours in Iowa, criss-crossing the state addressing small gatherings in church halls, libraries, schools and private homes. Not this time round. Candidates such as Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and […]

Republican candidates appeal to pro-Israel vote at coalition forum

Republican presidential candidates made a prolonged pitch for the pro-Israel vote on Wednesday with calls for regime change in Iran and even hints at military action. Newt Gingrich, the leading Republican contender who holds a double digit lead in three of the first four states to hold nomination contests, backed his hawkish position by announcing […]

Cain suspends presidential bid

Atlanta (CNN) — Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain told supporters Saturday that he is suspending his presidential campaign, which has become hobbled in recent weeks by allegations of sexual harassment and an Atlanta woman’s claim that they carried on a 13-year affair. While he will still be able to raise and spend campaign funds because […]

Ron Paul labels Newt and Mitt muppets | Paul Harris

Ron Paul’s attack ad ‘Who Can You Trust?’ Video: 247FreedomOps/YouTube Who It’s Ron Paul, the long-time Texan congressman and favourite of libertarians who subscribe to his anti-government, pro-individual policies. Paul’s team must be wondering what they have to do to get a break. Paul is a conservative, family man, veteran and has a fervent base […]

Newt Gingrich facing GOP backlash over ‘humane’ immigration policy

Link to this video The latest frontrunner in the Republican presidential race, Newt Gingrich, faced a conservative backlash on Wednesday after advocating a “humane” approach to illegal immigrants, a red hot issue for Tea Party activists and other rightwingers. His proposal to allow most of the country’s estimated 12 million illegal immigrants to remain in […]

The lost cause of Newt Gingrich’s immigration gambit | Rodrigo Camarena

From conspiratorial claims that Hezbollah and Hamas are actively plotting to attack the US from Mexico, to proposals for shutting down the US-Mexico border, Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary candidates’ national security debate was rife with the sort of wild assertions and alarmist rhetoric that GOP strategists must believe excites the party’s base. In this two-hour […]

Newt Gingrich calls for ‘humane’ policy on illegal immigration

The latest front-runner in the Republican presidential race, Newt Gingrich, took a gamble on Tuesday night by advocating a “humane” approach to illegal immigration, one that risks alienating conservatives. Gingrich, the former House Speaker, was conscious that he was entering an area that was potentially dangerous for him. “I am prepared to take the heat […]