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Gun runner’s accomplice found guilty of conspiracy to import

A man has been found guilty of helping an international gun runner to smuggle dozens of handguns into Britain on commercial transatlantic flights. Over a six-month period gun runner Steven Greenoe, 37, – an American who lived in Shrewsbury and is currently awaiting sentence in the US – repeatedly crossed the Atlantic to purchase weapons […]

To Catch A Predator host . . . caught

The hidden camera ploy that has propelled television host Chris Hansen into an American pop culture phenomenon has pulled a fast one on the To Catch a Predator star. The Daily Mail is reporting today that Hansen, the Dateline NBC personality that has hosted the popular To Catch a Predator series from 2004 through 2007, […]

US jets grounded after hole scare

The US carrier Southwest Airlines has grounded for inspection about 80 of its planes after a hole opened up in mid-air in the roof of one of its aircraft. Investigators have ruled out terrorism, but so far have not been able to establish the cause of the rupture. The hole caused a sudden drop in […]

What a Stupid World We Live in Now…

Image via Wikipedia A Cheshire music student was ordered to buy an extra seat for her violin after an airline refused to let her take the instrument as hand luggage. Francesca Rijks, 12, from Macclesfield, was flying home with her family from Dusseldorf after a holiday in Germany. Staff told them to put the violin […]