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Gun runner’s accomplice found guilty of conspiracy to import November 10, 2011

A man has been found guilty of helping an international gun runner to smuggle dozens of handguns into Britain on commercial transatlantic flights.

Over a six-month period gun runner Steven Greenoe, 37, – an American who lived in Shrewsbury and is currently awaiting sentence in the US – repeatedly crossed the Atlantic to purchase weapons to sell on to the criminal underworld for a huge profit. He broke the guns down to their component parts and smuggled them into the UK in his luggage.

Greenoe’s accomplice, Steven Cardwell, 31, of Aintree, Liverpool, was found guilty at Liverpool crown court on Thursday of three charges of conspiracy to import, sell and possess prohibited firearms with intent to enable another person to endanger life, following a four-week trial.

He bowed his head in the dock as the jury foreman delivered the verdicts. His family gasped and several sobbed.

The jurors were unable to reach verdicts on the allegations against a second man, Neil Copplestone, 32, of Ormskirk, Lancashire, who faces the same charges, and they were discharged. Neil Flewitt QC said the prosecution would seek a retrial. Copplestone was bailed until a later date when a timetable for any new proceedings will be set.

Cardwell will be sentenced on Friday. Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Richardson, head of the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit, described Cardwell as Greenoe’s “business director on this side of the pond”.

“Effectively, he was the conduit between Greenoe and criminals within the UK,” he said.

The court heard that Greenoe would fly from Manchester Airport to his home town of Raleigh, North Carolina, where, on 15 separate occasions between February and July 2010, he purchased 81 guns, mostly Glock and Ruger 9mm handguns, at assorted shops.

One of the handguns was used in a fatal shooting and others were used in drive-by shootings.

Greenoe bought 81 firearms from gun shops in North Carolina, and some of them were smuggled and used in serious criminal offences in the UK. The prosecution said that most, if not all, the firearms purchased by him were intended for or are now in the hands of criminals in the UK, where he lived with his English wife.

Security staff at Raleigh-Durham airport in North Carolina found a cache of 16 weapons in Greenoe’s luggage when he was stopped while in transit on 25 July 2010.

The trial also heard that undercover police officers in Liverpool bought three pistols linked to Greenoe for £3,600 each. Greenoe had paid £300 per gun in the US.

Cartridges found at a shooting in Manchester matched guns bought by Greenoe in America, the jury was told. A gun used in the attempted robbery of a Liverpool taxi driver in March 2011 was matched to two guns bought by Greenoe.

Greenoe, who claimed to be a former captain in the US Marines and former bodyguard to Madonna, pleaded guilty to two counts of transporting guns outside the US without a federal export licence.

Richardson said: “You would probably describe Greenoe as a Walter Mitty character with falsified documentation about his levels of skills and as a captain in the marines.

“Although he has no criminal background he has proved himself to be a sophisticated liar and a significant threat to the security of America and most certainly the security of the UK.”

Greenoe is due to be sentenced in the US in December.

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To Catch A Predator host . . . caught June 30, 2011

The hidden camera ploy that has propelled television host Chris Hansen into an American pop culture phenomenon has pulled a fast one on the To Catch a Predator star.

The Daily Mail is reporting today that Hansen, the Dateline NBC personality that has hosted the popular To Catch a Predator series from 2004 through 2007, has been caught cheating on his wife Mary Joan Hansen, with whom he has fathered two sons.

It is being reported today that the National Enquirer was instrumental in arranging an undercover sting operation last weekend in which Hansen was caught on film going on a date with a blonde-haired reporter 20 years younger than him.

The Daily Mail claims that the hidden cameras reveal Hansen and Kristyn Caddell, a 30-year-old journalist from Florida, going out to dinner at the hoity-toity Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan and then heading off to Miss Cadddel’s Palm Beach apartment. The recording allegedly shows the couple then leaving her apartment the following morning with luggage in tow.

Undercover footage reportedly recorded the couple driving along the ocean, at a gas station, a liquor store and eventually Caddell’s apartment. The next day the tape continued to roll as Caddell took Hansen to the airport.

As host of NBC’s To Catch A Predator, Hansen and his crew have aired 12 investigations across the United States in which authorities carried out undercover stings to nab sexual predators seeking out children for elicit acts. After luring men to the homes of alleged underage prey, Hansen and a film crew question, document and humiliate criminals with the help of NBC videographers, hidden surveillance cams and law enforcement.

Former Texas District Attorney Louis Conradt committed suicide in 2006 after a SWAT team entered his house during a sting enacted in part by the television program. Authorities had created a fictional 13-year-old boy to whom Conradt engaged in explicit online chats with. When SWAT later stormed his Terrell, Texas home as the Dateline crew surrounded the premises, Conradt killed himself with a Browning .380 handgun bullet to the head.

Hansen has recently been investigating around Florida to try to find out how star athlete James ‘Jimmy T’ Trindade went missing in 2006. An anonymous source has told the Daily Mail that Hansen and Caddell met at a martini bar in Palm Beach earlier this year, and that “there was an immediate physical attraction between them.”

The source also claims that Caddell later boasted to friends that she spent the night with Hansen.

The Enquirer is alleging that the couple has been continuing recondite rendezvous along the East Coast, with the two spending weekends together in Miami, Palm Beach and even New York City. Previously Caddell worked as an intern in NBC’s New York City office.

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US jets grounded after hole scare April 3, 2011

The US carrier Southwest Airlines has grounded for inspection about 80 of its planes after a hole opened up in mid-air in the roof of one of its aircraft.

Investigators have ruled out terrorism, but so far have not been able to establish the cause of the rupture.

The hole caused a sudden drop in cabin pressure, and Flight 812 from Phoenix to Sacramento was forced to make a steep descent and emergency landing.

One flight attendant was slightly injured during the incident on Friday.

Witnesses said a couple of people aboard the Boeing 737-300 nearly passed out while scrambling for oxygen masks.

There were 118 passengers and crew on board the 15-year-old plane.

‘You can see sky’

An FBI spokesman said terrorism was not suspected and “it appears to be a mechanical issue”.

Passenger Brenda Reese said the plane had just left Phoenix when she heard a “gunshot-like sound”.

“It’s at the top of the plane, right up above where you store your luggage,” she told the Associated Press by telephone from the plane.

“The panel’s not completely off. It’s like ripped down… When you look up through the panel, you can see the sky.”

Passengers said they were happy to be alive

She said the plane had “dropped pretty quick”.

Another woman on board said: “They had just taken drink orders when I heard a huge sound and oxygen masks came down.

“There was a hole in the fuselage about three feet long. You could see the insulation and the wiring. You could see a tear the length of one of the ceiling panels.”

Aviation officials said the pilot made controlled descent, dropping 8,000m (25000ft) from 11,000m in about five minutes.

The National Transportation Safety Board said an “in-flight fuselage rupture” led to the sudden descent and drop in cabin pressure.

“We do not know the cause of the decompression,” Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said.

The same thing happened to another Southwest jet in 2009. Then, metal fatigue was the cause.

in 1988, cracks caused a hole to open in an Aloha Airlines plane over Hawaii. In that incident, a flight attendant died.

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What a Stupid World We Live in Now… August 31, 2010

Violin after Jakobus Stainer 18th. century
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A Cheshire music student was ordered to buy an extra seat for her violin after an airline refused to let her take the instrument as hand luggage. Francesca Rijks, 12, from Macclesfield, was flying home with her family from Dusseldorf after a holiday in Germany. Staff told them to put the violin in the hold – which would potentially ruin the instrument. Francesca and her family got off the plane to buy the ticket, and missed the flight. They had been advised to buy the £190 ticket after calling the airline. The family ended up flying back with Easyjet, who let them board the plane with the violin as hand luggage.

Francesca’s father Harmen Rijks, 49, said he was told by Ryanair customer service when he bought the tickets that the valuable violin could be taken on board the flight as hand luggage.

He said the air pressure and low temperature in the hold would have ruined the instrument, which belongs to the Manchester music school Chetham’s, where Francesca is a pupil.

He said: “When we checked in, Francesca was carrying the violin on her back so they must have noticed it but they let us through.

“But when we got to the gates they refused to let us go.

“They said we could pay extra to put the violin in the hold, but because of the temperature and air pressure difference, the wood can crack and completely ruin a violin. The insurance also becomes void,” he said.

“This was an absolute disgrace. Their policy appears to discriminate against violinists, the vast majority of whom simply can’t afford to purchase an additional seat,” he added.

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