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US sheriff ‘targeted Hispanics’

15 December 2011 Last updated at 23:51 GMT Joe Arpaio is said to have helped shape the US debate over illegal immigration A lawman known for his tough stance on immigration has routinely discriminated against Hispanics, according to a federal investigation. A US Department of Justice report found Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office had flouted […]

Nearly 1 in 5 US women have been victims of sexual assault, CDC finds

A new survey released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday marked the beginning of a new annual project to look at how many women say they’ve been abused. One expert called the new report’s estimate on rape and attempted rape “extremely high” – with 1 in 5 women saying they were […]

Uzbekistan torture ignored by the west, say human rights group

Western governments have turned a blind eye to criticism of torture and rights abuses in Uzbekistan to preserve relations with the state pivotal to supplying Nato forces in Afghanistan, according to a human rights watchdog. New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Uzbekistan, a former Soviet republic of 28 million people, had failed to keep […]

The US national security smokescreen | Nancy Goldstein

Ben Wizner, the litigation director for the ACLU’s national security project, cheerfully admits that its April 2011 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for 23 of the very same US State Department diplomatic cables we all read this time last year, when WikiLeaks released them to five newspapers including the Guardian, was “cheeky” – a way […]

The NAACP exposes voter suppression schemes | Kay Dilday

The NAACP will be sending a delegation to the United Nations Commissioner of Human Rights alleging a concerted effort to deny voting rights to black and hispanic Americans. Given how rarely anyone in the United States looks to the United Nations for justice, and how often the United States ignores the UN, this is both […]

A New York spider gave me an insight into US private healthcare | Laurie Penny

It started with a spider. Someone with a taste for narrative justice might call it retribution, but there’s really no moral correlation between the wisdom of absconding with a relative stranger after a party and waking up the next morning in Brooklyn with a rash of poisonous bites on your arm. When the angels of […]

US appeals against decision not to extradite fugitive George Wright

The US Justice Department says it has appealed against a Portuguese judge’s decision not to extradite long-time fugitive George Wright back to the United States. Spokeswoman Laura Sweeney says an appeal was filed with the Portuguese Court of Appeals requesting the return of Wright, who is wanted to serve the rest of a murder sentence […]

US telecoms merger under threat

24 November 2011 Last updated at 20:59 GMT The combined mobile phone company would be the biggest in the US US telecoms giant ATT and Deutsche Telekom have cast doubt over the $39bn (£25bn) sale of T-Mobile USA by withdrawing their merger application to the industry regulator. ATT also said it would include a $4bn […]

Justice department sues Utah over immigration law

The US justice department has filed a lawsuit challenging Utah‘s immigration enforcement law, arguing that it usurps federal authority and could potentially lead to the harassment and detention of American citizens and authorised visitors. “The federal government has the ultimate authority to enforce federal immigration laws and the constitution does not permit a patchwork of […]

Oddly, Texas can teach the UK a thing or two on criminal justice | Ian Birrell

Hang ‘em high Texas is not the first place you might look for lessons in criminal justice. The lone star state prides itself on its toughness, with more executions and fewer bleeding hearts than elsewhere in the US. Texas locks up more miscreants than anywhere else in the world. But it is the unlikely centre of […]