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For Jobs, It’s War

Even so, the president’s jobs bill is already being nickeled and dimed from the right — and the left — even though it is only throwing nickels and dimes at the problem to begin with. But at least it’s a start, even if a long-overdue one. To understand just how overdue it is, one need […]

Blagojevich Mess Will Linger for Years in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — In the end, Rod Blagojevich did not bring doom for his party or the national political figures whose names got dragged into his scandal. But long after he is behind bars, Illinois will still be cleaning up the mess left behind by the state’s cartoonish former governor. Blagojevich — who drew […]

Home Depot Accused of Violating Buy American Act

SAN FRANCISCO — The photograph on the Home Depot website shows a line of smiling soldiers unloading a truck stacked with power tools and other company wares. The company says this shows “federal dollars go farther at The Home Depot.” San Francisco Attorney Paul Scott says the photo also shows the company providing Chinese-made products […]

Obama: Advanced Manufacturing Can Boost Jobs

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says technological innovations such as robots can help pump jobs into the economy and spur growth in clean energy and advanced manufacturing. In his radio and Internet address Saturday, the president echoed a plan he unveiled Friday in Pittsburgh to join the federal government, universities and corporations and re-ignite American […]

Senate Blocks Bill That Included Ethanol Repeal

WASHINGTON — Republicans have blocked a Senate jobs bill that included a repeal of the ethanol tax credit. Yet ending that tax break remains a live option for budget cutters looking for ways to reduce massive federal deficits. The Senate voted 51-49 against allowing a final vote on the overall bill, which would have renewed […]

Obama Commerce Nominee Tries to Reassure Republicans

WASHINGTON — Former energy company executive John Bryson Tuesday sought to persuade Republicans he would be a strong voice for business in President Barack Obama’s administration if confirmed as Commerce Secretary. “The reason that President Obama reached out to me was my business experience,” Bryson told the Senate Commerce Committee during a hearing in which […]