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MPs criticism fixing of former prosecutor ubiquitous to new job

Sheikholeslami named Mortazavi to a new pursuit on Saturday, Mar 17. The appointment perceived small media courtesy due to Noruz (Persian New Year) holidays that strictly began on Mar 20. Some pivotal lawmakers had progressing warned opposite such an appointment. The appointment caused cheer as a parliamentary news that was released on Jan 10, 2010 […]

Six Iranian pilgrims killed in Karbala bombings

In Karbala dual automobile bombs exploded in a swarming selling and grill area. Bombings and shootings opposite Iraq on Tuesday killed 46 people, distinguished during military and pilgrims. The identities of all Iranian victims solely one passed chairman have been released. Every day hundreds of Iranian adults revisit holy shrines in Iraq underneath a organisation […]

Iran will respond to any conflict during ‘same level’: Leader

“We do not have chief weapons, and we do not intend to furnish them. But in a face of aggression, possibly by a U.S. or a Zionist regime, we will conflict them during a same turn that they conflict us,” a Leader told tens of thousands of people during a monolith of Imam Reza (AS) […]

Iran condemns militant attacks in Iraq

“The Islamic Republic expresses a full support for a Iraqi supervision in courtesy to a adoption of suitable measures to forestall such militant and inhumane actions,” Mehmanparast stated. He added, “We are certain that Iraqi officials and people are means to exterminate such aroused and militant actions and settle fortitude and confidence and can good […]

Exemptions on Iran sanctions uncover U.S. retreat: MP

On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a waivers to Belgium, Britain, a Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, a Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Japan, definition that banks and other financial institutions formed there will not be strike with penalties underneath U.S. law for 180 days, according to CBS News. U.S. President Barack […]

400 people humour injuries in glow festival in Iran

However, Ahmadi-Moqaddam pronounced a girl determined cautions by military and demonstrated a some-more judicious function in a glow festival in comparison to prior years. In Tehran 74 people, including 58 group and 16 women, were injured, sanatorium sources pronounced on Wednesday. An 11-year-old child also mislaid his life due to fear of blast in Tehran, […]

MPs doubt Ahmadinejad, contend are not assured with answers

It was a initial time in a story of Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979 that a boss was summoned to a Majlis. MP Ali Motahhari review out a questions. The initial doubt was about a administration’s refusal to exercise a parliamentary resolution job for withdrawing $2 billion from a National Development Fund for expansion of […]

Attack on Iran will criticise universe order: professor

“Such an conflict will have a spiraling outcome that will impact tellurian economy in a appetite zone and beyond,” Professor Nader Entessar told a Mehr News Agency. In new weeks Israel has callous a tongue opposite Iran, melancholy to launch atmosphere strikes on Iranian chief facilities. However, Entessar said, “Without U.S. involvement, Israel will not […]

Rafsanjani reappointed Expediency Council chairman

In a new direct Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani was reappointed a authority of a Expediency Council. The heads of a 3 branches of government, Islamic jurists of a Guardian Council, a secretary of Supreme National Security Council, and minister, executive of organization, or authority of a Majlis cabinet to whom a emanate that is being discussed […]

Iran to send the initial load of medical reserve to Syria

Arrangements have been done between a Iranian Foreign Ministry and a Syrian supervision and a initial load will be sent by a Iranian Red Crescent Society, he stated. However, Mehmanparast did not discuss a accurate date when a load will be dispatched to a country. The Iranian Foreign Ministry orator also announced that medical apparatus […]