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Bradley Manning treatment in custody concerns MEPs

More than 50 members of the European parliament have signed an open letter to the US government raising concerns about the treatment of Bradley Manning, the US soldier in military detention for allegedly leaking classified US documents to the whistleblowing site WikiLeaks. The call on the US government comes before a pre-trial hearing – Manning’s […]

Honduras: America’s great foreign policy disgrace | Mark Weisbrot

Imagine that an opposition organiser were murdered in broad daylight in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador or Venezuela by masked gunmen, or kidnapped and murdered by armed guards of a well-known supporter of the government. It would be front page news in the New York Times, and all over the TV news. The US State Department would […]

Panetta Praises China for Response to Taiwan Arms Sale

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has praised China for its muted reaction to the latest U.S. arms sale to Taiwan. Last month the Obama administration announced it is providing Taiwan with a multi-billion dollar arms package that includes upgrades to the island’s F-16 fighter jets. Panetta spoke with reporters on the Indonesian island of Bali […]