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Source: Herman Cain to Endorse Newt Gingrich Monday December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

by legitgov


Source: Herman Cain to Endorse Newt Gingrich Monday 04 Dec 2011 Herman Cain might be out of the running as a Republican presidential candidate, but his voice still carries weight with his many loyal supporters. Since he bowed out of the race Saturday, there has been much speculation on who he would endorse. Sources tell FOX 5 News that Herman Cain plans to endorse fellow Georgian Newt Gingrich on Monday.

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Herman Cain cites Pokemon in concession December 4, 2011

December 3, 2011

by legitgov


Herman Cain cites Pokemon in concession 03 Dec 2011 Herman Cain quoted from a source he identified as “the Pokemon movie” in a speech suspending his presidential campaign Saturday. “I believe these words came from the Pokemon movie,” Cain said. “Life can be a challenge. Life can seem impossible. It’s never easy when there’s so much on the line. But you and I can make a difference. There’s a mission just for you and me…” In previous speeches, Cain has attributed the quotation to “a poet.”

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Herman Cain suspends GOP presidential campaign December 3, 2011

Herman Cain has said he is suspending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in order to avoid news coverage that is hurtful to his family.

Cain’s announcement came five days after a woman claimed she and Cain had an affair for more than a decade, a claim that followed several allegations of sexual harassment against the Georgia businessman. Cain, whose wife, Gloria, stood behind him on the stage, made the announcement to several hundred supporters gathered at what was to have been the opening of his national campaign headquarters.

Cain had performed well in polls until news surfaced in late October that he had been accused of sexual harassment by two women during his time as president of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s.

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Herman Cain: how Republicans fell out with their once preferred candidate

Herman Cain‘s decision to suspend his campaign removes the remote but tantalising prospect of a 2012 battle for the White House fought between two African-American candidates.

Barack Obama winning the presidency three years ago was a major breakthrough in race relations in America. And grassroots Republicans, a party dominated by whites, enthusiastically endorsing Cain, even if only for a few weeks, represented another big step.

Although he said he was suspending rather than ending his campaign, it is over. There is no way back. His poll numbers have plummeted, his donations are drying up and there is no time left for a comeback.

His refusal to declare his campaign over and talk about a “Plan B” reflects his reluctance to see his White House dream end. He has been tenacious over the last few weeks, refusing to leave the race in spite of mounting sex allegations and foreign policy gaffes that would have floored other candidates. It must be galling for him to have come so close, only to see it all slip away.

That is why he has refused to have a clean break and why he talks about a plan B, as a sort of ambassador for the Tea Party movement – a role that would keep him in the public eye, with a series of speaking engagements and a new website. But it is not the same as being a contender – and frontrunner – in the Republican presidential contest.

He was from the start one of the unlikeliest candidates in the race. A former pizza mogul, he has never held public office, and, as he demonstrated over and over again, he had only a loose grasp of policy issues, especially foreign affairs.

In spite of this, his lead soared in the polls in the autumn, but fell in the face of sex allegations. How his campaign team dealt with these allegations will be studied in the future by politicians, campaign staff and political scientists. His is a dramatic example of how not to deal with a political crisis, running one of the most inept damage-limitation exercises in recent US political history.

Cain began with outright denials, only to revise his comments hours later. He claimed memory lapses, only to disclose, again within hours, key details. It was not the allegations that hurt him – the Republicans liked him so much they were largely prepared to forgive or overlook them – but his shiftiness in dealing with them.

Grassroots members, interviewed at random at a campaign event earlier this week, still listed him as among their preferred choice but no longer saw him as a credible candidate capable of beating Obama. One said she did not mind too much that he had had an affair but she did mind if he was lying about it.

Cain, 65, was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and grew up in Georgia. Although relatively poor, he completed a college education and worked himself up through the business world, serving as chief executive of the Godfather’s pizza chain from 1986 to 1996, as well as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. He was chief executive of the National Restaurant Association, based in Washington, a fateful period from which the allegations of sexual harassment emerged.

He had a brief shot at the presidency and stood unsuccessfully for the Senate. In May this year, he put himself forward again for a White House run. At first, this was met with cynicism: was he serious about the presidency or was it just a good ruse to promote his book? Initially, the cynical view seemed to be borne out as he toured round not the traditional key early voting states but followed an itinerary that appeared more like a national book tour.

His appeal was that he was fresh, likeable and able to connect with the public in a way that stiff candidates such as Mitt Romney have never shown themselves capable of. And he had a sense of humour, ensuring that his speeches drew big crowds that contrasted with a thinning out when poorer speakers such as Texas governor Rick Perry got to their feet.

Above all, he was a conservatives’ conservative, regarded by the Tea Party movement as one of their own, and, crucially, enjoyed the tacit support of the multimillionaire, rightwing Koch brothers. “I am the Koch brothers brother from another mother,” he told a conservative conference.

Although race remains a major problem in America, Cain’s popularity is testimony to how much Obama’s election has changed the country. Cain’s colour was almost never an issue. He provoked arguments about tax, about his lack of knowledge on Libya, China and the Taliban, about bad taste jokes, but hardly ever about race.

He achieved front-runner status in the Republican party, so often characterised as the party to which a whiff of racism clings. He rejected the African-American label. “I don’t use African-American, because I’m American, I’m black and I’m conservative,” he said. “I feel more of an affinity for America than I do for Africa.”

Party members, almost all white, stood in line by the hundreds for him to sign copies of his book or jumped to their feet to give him repeated standing ovations during his speeches.

His slogan was “9-9-9″, a pledge to simplify the tax rate to 9% for income, corporate and sales tax. It was one of the few new ideas to emerge from the race. But economists, as well as rivals, dismissed it as unworkable. And Cain began to use it as a shield, retreating to 9-9-9 when stumped by a policy question or even when faced with sex allegations.

He found himself in trouble when he suggested in a presidential debate – a forum that helped propel him in the polls – that he would not want to have Muslims in his cabinet, suggesting they would be untrustworthy. It created an outcry but did him little harm with the Republican grassroots.

The first of the sex allegations emerged on 31 October, reported by Politico, at a time when he was leading polls nationally and in the key early states. Politico said two women claimed they were sexually harassed by him while they worked at the National Restaurant Association. Cain was in Washington the following day and was pursued by packs of journalists. His first response was to deny any knowledge but then changed his approach. He remembered one incident but not the other.

Conventional campaign wisdom for dealing with such crises is to get all the information out as quickly as possible: it is often not the incidents but the cover-up that can prove fatal. Cain, running a shoe-string campaign, bucked this. He allowed the sex stories to run on and on, with new bits seeping out almost daily. Even when he himself vowed to stop addressing it, he could not help giving yet one more interview.

One of the women went public, and then the other. In spite of this, Cain survived, many of his supporters insisting that these were just allegations. But it became harder on Monday this week when Ginger White, an Atlanta businesswoman, did two interviews with local television stations in Georgia, claiming she had had a 13-year affair with him. Cain insisted she was only a friend and that there had been no sex involved. She provided phone records to show scores of text messages and calls, and said he had helped her financially. He admitted he had helped her financially and also that he had not told his wife Gloria about the friendship.

His position in the polls dropped dramatically in the last week and donations to his campaign have been drying up.

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Herman Cain on the campaign trail – in pictures

A look back at the rapid rise and fall of the once strong contender for the Republican presidential nomination

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Herman Cain drops White House bid




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Cain to announce decision in Atlanta Saturday

December 2, 2011

by legitgov


Cain to announce decision in Atlanta Saturday 02 Dec 2011 Herman Cain said Friday he will announce his presidential campaign’s next steps in Atlanta this weekend amid uncertainty over whether he will stay in the race following allegations of an extramarital affair [not to mention, allegedly harassing/assaulting lots of other women]. The McDonough businessman said he would make the announcement at the grand opening of his Georgia campaign headquarters Saturday morning. Cain previously said he will return to Georgia Friday and, after gauging his wife’s support, decide whether to continue his presidential campaign.

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Herman Cain’s presidential race future depends on reaction of wife in meeting December 2, 2011

Herman Cain faces an awkward meeting with his wife Gloria on Friday after admitting he had not told her he paid bills for a woman who claims to have been his lover of 13 years.

The Republican presidential hopeful said the meeting at their home in Sandy Springs, on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia – his first face to face with his wife since she learned the news – will be decisive in whether he remains in the race.

“My wife did not know about it, and that was the revelation,” he said. “My wife found out about it when she went public with it.

“My wife now knows. My wife and I have talked about it and I have explained it to her. My wife understands that I’m a soft-hearted giving person.”

He added that Gloria was comfortable with his explanation. Although he and his wife have spoken on the phone this week about the alleged affair, he has said he wanted to discuss it with her face to face before making about a decision about remaining in the race.

He would make his decision based on whether he felt it was having an emotional impact on his wife.

The former pizza mogul has shifted back and forward this week, at times bullish, insisting he will not be pushed out of the race, at other times dejected. In an interview with the Union Leader, a conservative paper in New Hampshire, he said pulling out of the contest was a possibility. “Yes, getting out is an option,” he said.

There are less than five weeks left until the first of the Repubublican caucuses to choose a presidential candidate, Iowa on 3 January. Cain has taken a battering over the last few weeks, with his poll figures falling sharply after women came forward with a series of sexual harassment claims, which he has denied.

Another woman, Ginger White, claimed in two television interviews in Atlanta on Monday that she had had an affair with Cain dating back to a meeting in a hotel in Kentucky in the mid-1990s.

He had ended the affair only earlier this year when he began his run for the presidency, she said. Cain has admitted knowing White but described her as a friend and insisted there had been no sexual relations.

In the Union Leader interview, he said his wife “did not know that we were friends until she (White) came out with this story”.

Cain’s wife made two television appearances to support him over the sex harassment allegations, saying she did not recognise her husband from the way he had been potrayed by the women. But she has said nothing since the emergence of White.

Cain told the Union Leader he had received 70 text messages from White between October 22 and November 18 asking for financial help.

He was her only friend in a position to help, he said. “She was out of work and had trouble paying her bills and I had known her as a friend. She wasn’t the only friend who I had helped in these tough economic times, and so her messages to me were relating to ‘need money for rent’ or whatever the case may be. I don’t remember all the specifics,” Cain said.

“I’m a soft-hearted person when it comes to that stuff. I have helped members of my church. I have helped members of my family.”

He said that White had not been trying to blackmail him by threatening to go public. He did not know why she had come out with it now.

“But I have very strong speculation that someone offered her a lot of money,” he said. “I was helping her with month-to-month bills and expenses and somebody – this is speculation only – offered her a lot of money. And one of my objectives is to clear my name and my reputation.”

The interview with the Union Leader was held on Thursday after being cancelled last month by Cain. He postponed the interview after he was caught on video struggling to answer a question about Barack Obama’s Libya policy while speaking to a Wisconsin paper.

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Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cain December 1, 2011

November 28, 2011

by legitgov


Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cain –Ginger White’s exclusive interview with FOX 5 I-Team 28 Nov 2011 An Atlanta businesswoman is breaking her silence, claiming she has been involved in a 13-year-long affair with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. “It was pretty simple,” White said. “It wasn’t complicated. I was aware that he was married. And I was also aware I was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship.”

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Cain Reassessing Candidacy Amid New Allegations November 30, 2011

November 29, 2011

by legitgov


Cain Reassessing Candidacy Amid New Allegations 29 Nov 2011 Herman Cain told members of his campaign staff on Tuesday that he was reassessing whether to proceed with his presidential campaign, an aide confirmed, a day after an Atlanta woman disclosed details of what she said was a 13-year affair with him. In a morning conference call with his advisers, Mr. Cain said that he would make a decision in the coming days about whether to stay in the race after his campaign was rocked by another round of allegations about his sexual conduct.

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Herman Cain Suggests Taliban is Running Libya November 19, 2011

November 19, 2011

by legitgov


LOL! Herman Cain Suggests Taliban is Running Libya 18 Nov 2011 Herman Cain suggested Friday that the Taliban were playing a role in Libya’s new government. The comment initially was seen as another foreign policy misstep from the Republican presidential candidate, but aides later pointed to a one-time Libyan rebel leader who fought in Afghanistan to back up Cain’s claims. Cain has spent the week trying to calm jitters about his foreign policy after he struggled to answer whether he supported President Barack Obama’s approach to Libya. He ended the week trying to blame reporters for the moment, which was captured on video and quickly spread around the Internet.

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Herman Cain asks for and receives Secret Service protection November 18, 2011

November 18, 2011

by legitgov


LOL! Herman Cain asks for and receives Secret Service protection 17 Nov 2011 Herman Cain on Thursday became the first Republican presidential candidate to receive Secret Service protection, a spokesman for the agency said. Cain asked for the security and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and congressional leaders approved his request Thursday, Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said. Elite agents were expected to begin protecting the former pizza company executive sometime Thursday.

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Herman Cain stumbles badly on Libya question November 16, 2011

November 15, 2011

by legitgov


Herman Cain stumbles badly on Libya question –Cain said he has ‘all this stuff twirling around in my head.’ [Yup, lots of empty space in his head to accommodate the real estate required for all that 'stuff to twirl around.'] 14 Nov 2011 Herman Cain struggled to explain his position on President Obama’s handling of Libya in an interview with the Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee released Monday, at one point asking if Mr. Obama supported the uprising and suggesting he was having a hard time articulating an answer because he has “all this stuff twirling around in my head.”

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Herman Cain’s Libya blunder adds to Republican woes November 15, 2011

Link to this video

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain has revealed a precarious grasp of foreign affairs when he appeared unable to answer any questions on the Libya uprising.

In a meeting with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the pizza magnate – and former frontrunner in the Republican leadership contest – stumbled repeatedly when asked whether he agreed with the way Barack Obama dealt with the situation.

Cain, whose star has begun to wane following a string of sexual harassment allegations, struggled to show he understood what had been happening in Libya and why.

He paused, leaning back in his chair before replying: “OK, Libya. President Obama supported the uprising, correct?

“President Obama called for the removal of Gaddafi. Just want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing before I say, ‘yes I agree,’ or ‘no I didn’t agree.’ I do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason – nope, that’s a different one. I gotta go back to, see … Got all this stuff twirling around in my head. Specifically, what are you asking me, did I agree or not disagree with Obama on?”

His inquisitors tried to eke out what Cain would have done had he been in the White House but to little avail.

He said: “Some people say as president you’re supposed to know everything. No you don’t. I believe in having all the information, as much of it as I possibly can, rather than making a decision or statement about whether I totally agree or disagree when I wasn’t privy to the situation.”

After much fidgeting and prevarication, Cain eventually claimed he would have done a better job than the president.

Cain’s spokesman attributed the hesitation to tiredness, saying he had only slept for four hours because of a busy campaign schedule when he sat for the interview.

His temporary lapse of focus may deflect attention away from another interview in which he strongly suggests that the majority of US Muslims have extremist views.

Earlier this year Cain said he would not feel “comfortable” appointing a Muslim to his cabinet but his remarks in the December edition of GQ go one step further.

Over slices of pizza he told reporters: “I have nothing against peaceful Muslims. Nothing whatsoever. But I also know that we must be careful of extremists and we must be careful of the tendency by some groups in this country to infuse their beliefs into our laws and our culture.”

He was asked if there was a “greater tendency” among the Muslim faith for “that kind of extremism”.

Cain replied: “That would be a judgment call that I’m probably not qualified to make, because I can’t speak on behalf of the entire Muslim community. I have talked with Muslims that are peaceful Muslims. And I have had one very well-known Muslim voice say to me directly that a majority of Muslims share the extremist views.”

One of the interviewers, Chris Heath, pressed Cain on whether he, too, agreed with this opinion.

Cain said: “Yes, because of the respect that I have for this individual. Because when he told me this, he said he wouldn’t want to be quoted or identified as having said that.”

How much impact his media gaffes have on his chances of securing the nomination remain to be seen.

During the first few months of his campaign, the 65-year-old trailed in the wake of more prominent candidates, but his performance in the televised Republican debates briefly catapulted him to lead the polls.

That surge appeared to be fading after four women came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment and assault, but at least one poll this week still showed him as a close second to Mitt Romney.

His “brain freeze” has already been dubbed a “Rick Perry moment”, after the former frontrunner from Texas forgot, on a live presidential television debate with his Republican party rivals, which government department he was planning to axe.

Perry was asked about one of the main planks of his policy for cutting federal spending – the elimination of three departments – and replied: “It’s three agencies of government when I get there that are gone: commerce, education, and the uh … what’s the third one, there? Let’s see. The third one. I can’t”.

He made it worse by adding: “Oops.”

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Newt’s surge: can a wonk be president? | Ana Marie Cox

This isn’t a primary season, it’s a speed-dating session. And the current favorite certainly has some experience with accelerated romance. Pundits (including me) tend to cite Newt’s unusually rapid succession of wives as his biggest hurdle to the nomination, but I’m starting to wonder if that’s true or fair (not that the latter matters much).

Evidence that it’s not a hurdle comes from the polls, which have Newt steadily evolving into the latest Not-Romney. And I’m inclined to agree that Newt’s infidelity and marriages shouldn’t keep voters from considering him for the nomination – there are plenty of more immediate reasons to select someone else …

There’s how he resigned in disgrace from his position as speaker of the House. There’s his boundless impatience (as much on display at the debates as his ostentatious historical anecdote-trolling). There’s his convenient disavowal of his once-notable belief in global warming. There’s his celebration of corporate tax-dodging. And there’s his lackadaisical response to the foreclosure crises: let the foreclosures continue.

Oh, and he doesn’t seem to actually want the nomination. Much as with Herman Cain, Newt has drawn up a primary strategy that seems to focus on marketing to and soliciting support from voters.

OK, only a couple of these things really stand in the way of his getting the Republican nomination. At least one of them probably increases his appeal. But I still have trouble believing that Gingrich can keep hold of his support – once people start actually pulling levers and picking leaders of the free world.

Gingrich is like the college professor whom everyone raves about but whose classes stay mysteriously empty … or maybe, more accurately, the star professor who doesn’t actually teach very often. His reputation suffers with exposure. Though he’s increased his support through good debate performances, Americans don’t like to be lectured. What plays on the dais does not always play on the stump – Obama is lucky enough to have two main modes of speech-making and only one of them is professorial. Newt can’t talk about traffic signals without bringing up the invention of the internal combustion engine.

Newt’s stylistic incompatibility with the Republican base might not be enough to keep him off the ticket, but nominating him would signal a major shift – not just in the mood of the electorate, but in the unwritten laws that govern who even gets to think about running for president. Barney Frank, I’m looking at you.

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Herman Cain seeks to salvage reputation as scandal continues November 8, 2011

November 8, 2011

by walden9


Herman Cain seeks to salvage reputation as scandal continues. Republican presidential contender Herman Cain on Tuesday aggressively attacked the character of the latest woman to accuse him of sexual misconduct, emphatically maintaining his innocence even as the building charges take a toll on his reputation. The Cain campaign sent an email to it supporters on Tuesday with the subject line, “Who is Sharon Bialek?” 

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Herman Cain’s popularity sinks after sexual harassment allegations

November 7, 2011

by legitgov


Herman Cain’s popularity sinks after sexual harassment allegations 06 Nov 2011 The allegations of sexual harassment that have dogged Herman Cain for a week have taken their toll on his presidential campaign, according to a poll by Reuters/Ipsos. In the first sign that the claims, which date back to a decade ago when he was head of the National Restaurant Association, have begun to damage his election chances, the poll shows a drop in his popularity among Republicans from 66% a week ago to 57%. Among all registered voters, Cain’s favourability declined 5 percentage points, from 37 to 32.

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Chicago Woman Claims Herman Cain Wanted Her to Trade Sex for Job

November 7, 2011

by legitgov


Chicago Woman Claims Herman Cain Wanted Her to Trade Sex for Job 07 Nov 2011 Sharon Bialek of Chicago became the first woman accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment to go public Monday, describing an alleged incident in Washington in 1997 in which the presidential contender, then the president of the National Restaurant Association stuck his hand up her skirt and tried to pull her head toward his crotch. “I said, ‘What are you doing?’” alleged Bialek, who said she had contacted Cain for help getting a job. “You know I have a boyfriend. This isn’t what I came here for.” According to Bialek, Cain answered, “You want a job, right?”

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Fourth woman accuses Herman Cain

Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play.

Sharon Bialek alleges Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain sexually assaulted her in 1997

A woman has told a news conference how Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain groped her when she asked for his help finding work in the 1990s.

Sharon Bialek, a former employee of a restaurant lobby group, said Mr Cain had reached up her skirt and pulled her head towards his crotch.

Hers is the fourth allegation of sexual misconduct to emerge against Mr Cain.

The Cain campaign immediately issued a denial: “All allegations of harassment against Mr Cain are false.”

Mr Cain, a former pizza magnate, is a leading contender for the Republican nomination to take on President Barack Obama in 2012.

Washington news website Politico reported a week ago that at least two women had complained of sexual harassment while he was head of a lobby group, the National Restaurant Association, in the 1990s.

A third woman came forward days later, accusing Mr Cain of inappropriate behaviour at around the same time.


Ms Bialek is the first of the accusers to speak publicly.

She told a news conference in New York that she had first met Mr Cain when she was seated next to him during a meal at the association’s annual convention. She described him as “warm and attentive” towards both her and her boyfriend at the dinner.

Herman Cain has surprised pollsters by rising to the top of many opinion polls in recent weeks

A month later, she was sacked from her job as a manager at the association’s education foundation.

Ms Bialek’s boyfriend suggested that she should contact Mr Cain to help her find other employment.

She said that Mr Cain had agreed to meet her in Washington DC in mid-July 1997, where he upgraded her hotel room.

The alleged groping incident occurred after they had dinner and Ms Bialek asked Mr Cain if he could help find her work at the state-level of the association, she told reporters.

“Instead of going into the offices he suddenly reached over and he put his hand on my leg, under my skirt toward my genitals,” she said.

“He also pushed my head toward his crotch.”

Ms Bialek appeared to struggle to maintain her composure as she told journalists that she had asked Mr Cain what he was doing, to which he allegedly replied: “You want a job, don’t you?”

‘Serial sexual harassment’

She was flanked at the Manhattan news conference by her lawyer, Gloria Allred, who has represented several high-profile clients, including an alleged mistress of golfer Tiger Woods.

Continue reading the main story


The instant reaction is that it is all over for Cain. The detailed claims, which sound more like sexual assault than harassment, are graphic and extremely serious.

But he denies the allegations and they can hardly be proved after all these years. Meanwhile, right wing talk radio is already full of fury at the way the “liberal media” will do anything to destroy a conservative front runner. Many of his supporters simply won’t believe what is being said about their favourite candidate. If another woman came forward with a detailed account that might change their minds.

If it is not yet terminal, it is doing great damage. The scandal drowns out any other message. The cloud will hang over him, and any opponent will have sunnier prospects.

In the unlikely event that he became the Republican nominee with this still unresolved, it would be gold dust for Obama’s campaign.

The lawyer said she had two sworn statements from Ms Bialek’s then boyfriend, as well as a longstanding friend, who said she had told them about Mr Cain’s alleged behaviour shortly afterwards.

His campaign spokesman JD Gordon called Ms Allred a “major donor” to Democrats, and blamed the lawyer for bringing “false accusations” against Mr Cain “just as the country finally begins to refocus on our crippling $15 trillion national debt”.

Federal election commission reports show that Ms Allred gave $1,000 (£624) to Hillary Rodham Clinton and $2,300 to Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Ms Allred said that if all the allegations by other women are true, “then I, for one, am disgusted at Mr Cain’s serial sexual harassment of women”.

Mr Cain acknowledged last week that one of his accusers received a financial settlement from the National Restaurant Association.

That woman – who reportedly won a $45,000 (£28,000) payout – issued a statement on Friday through her lawyer saying that Mr Cain had made a “series of inappropriate behaviours and unwanted advances”.

But despite being released from a confidentiality clause in the settlement, she said she wished to remain anonymous.

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Herman Cain: following a call to serve his country November 6, 2011

GOP candidate Herman Cain is shaping up to be one of the most unpredictable presidential candidates in recent American history, from smoking in campaign ads to singing his ‘ode to pizza’. Cain has been at the centre of controversy this week with the eruption of sexual harassment allegations against him

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