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The column formerly known as grab bag | Ana Marie Cox

I’ve been dipping in and out of the comment community, trying to figure out the best way to harness the hive mind without getting stung by it (this may be impossible). One suggestion that’s stuck out has been the idea that there should be at least some “whatever” in a blog that’s about “politics and […]

The daily grab bag #4 | Ana Marie Cox

• Joe McGinniss chooses country before self: “I’ll gladly sacrifice a few sales to have the country rid of Sarah Palin forevermore.” • Get ready for a long campaign. “The strategy is to: ‘win ugly.’ This may be the president’s best option, because as he demonstrated this week, it’s impossible to give a satisfying answer […]

The daily grab bag #3 | Ana Marie Cox

• Helmets are for tools of the state! (Ron Paul puts his tiny noggin at risk on a bike ride.) • Remember how Rick Perry said his ideal candidate (that isn’t him) would be a Cain/Gingrich “blend”? And Romney said he wouldn’t be able get that image out of his head? For Mitt: how to […]

The daily grab bag #2 | Ana Marie Cox

• Petulant Floridians join irritated New Hampshire residents in thinking Michele Bachmann should pay more attention to them, because she needs them to win the nomination. They are totally going to not sit next to her at lunch. • Congressional members can’t stop poking each other. • Here is a picture of a Chia Pet […]

The daily grab bag #1 | Ana Marie Cox

• This list of Christie “liabilities” (he doesn’t hate gay marriage, he thinks sharia law alarmists are “crazies”) makes me like him a little more. • Trust in government is at an all-time low; former OMB director Peter Orszag proposes a novel solution: make it even less transparent. You can’t harbor doubts about what you […]