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GOP debate: expect more grenades tossed Newt Gingrich’s way

Tonight’s GOP presidential debate is the most imortant two hours of the year in US politics. Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and the other Republican rivals gather in Sioux City, Iowa, like the survivors of a first world war battle huddling in a trench. One by one, the Republican candidates have gone over the top. Some […]

Rick Santorum gives green light to racial profiling of Muslims during GOP presidential debate

November 24, 2011 by legitgov ShareThis Rick Santorum gives green light to racial profiling of Muslims during GOP presidential debate –Spars with Texas Rep. Ron Paul who asks what if terrorists ‘look like Timothy McVeigh?’ 23 Nov 2011 Rick Santorum is giving the green light to the racial profiling of Muslims at airports. The former […]

GOP presidential debate in Washington – as it happened

7.00pm: The GOP presidential race is finally coming into the home straight as the Republican candidates gather for tonight’s debate – with just 42 days and only three more debates to go before a real election takes place in Iowa. Tonight’s debate, hosted by CNN and the right-wing Heritage Foundation think-tank here in Washington DC, […]

GOP presidential debate in South Carolina

7.20pm: If you really want a fair fight with a referee and a clear winner, then you are wasting your time following tonight’s debate. What you really want is the Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Márquez fight in Vegas tonight. And my colleague Steve Busfield is doing the live blow-by-blow here. 7.15pm ET: So after […]

GOP presidential debate: Herman Cain steps into the spotlight

As the Republican presidential candidates prepare for yet another televised debate, the greasy pole of GOP opinion produces yet another frontrunner: Herman Cain. Following in the footsteps of would-be leaders Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry comes the former pizza company chief executive, who boasts of his lack of elected experience, disdains foreign policy […]

GOP Debate Annoys Google’s Gchat Users

One major loser in last night’s Republican debate: the Gchat sound. Fox News and Google teamed up to host the GOP presidential debate—the third in three weeks—and probably annoyed most viewers under 50. Yes, candidates discussed serious issues. Yes, by most accounts, Texas Gov. Rick Perry did not shine and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney […]

GOP presidential candidates debate in Orlando

Welcome to our live coverage of the GOP presidential debate tonight in Orlando, Florida, before an audience of 3,500 Republicans baying for blood – someone’s blood. The debate itself kicks off at 9pm ET (2am BST) on Fox News – the late start time presumably so as not to get in the way of X […]