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John Ruskin can help us rail against the dehumanising power of capitalism | David Barnes

“Our true monarch is not Victoria but Victor Mammon,” wrote John Ruskin back in 1866. Scorned for years as a crank, a reactionary, and a sexual deviant, could it be Ruskin’s time again? It was Ruskin’s prophetic voice that breathed life into the fledgling Labour movement, Ruskin who railed, again and again, against the dehumanising […]

Bachmann agrees with ‘impeach’ Obama wish

October 5, 2011 by legitgov ShareThis Bachmann agrees with ‘impeach’ Obama wish 04 Oct 2011 Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota on Wednesday agreed with a man who expressed a desire to get Obama “out of the way.” After visiting a coffee shop in this small Iowa town, Bachmann was asked by a man in the […]

127 Hours: the sequel

The desire to pay homage to your favourite film isn’t new: that’s why Carnforth tea room is still packed 66 years after Brief Encounter and romcom fans ram the Empire State Building every Valentine’s Day in tribute to Sleepless in Seattle. But few have followed in their cinematic hero’s footsteps so slavishly as Amos Wayne […]