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AP: Regulators up scrutiny of Fort Calhoun nuclear plant after finding more problems

December 15, 2011 by legitgov ShareThis AP: Regulators up scrutiny of Fort Calhoun nuclear plant after finding more problems 14 Dec 2011 Several new problems have been found at a Nebraska power plant that suffered flood damage earlier this year, federal regulators said Tuesday, so inspectors will be watching the plant north of Omaha even […]

Chevron faces $10.6bn Brazil suit

15 December 2011 Last updated at 01:23 GMT Chevron says it got the leak under control on 13 November Prosecutors in Brazil are demanding $10.6bn (£6.8bn) from US oil company Chevron for environmental damage caused when one of its oil wells leaked off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The prosecutors also asked the court […]

China imposes tariff on US car imports

The tension between America and China over international trade escalated on Wednesday when Beijing imposed additional duties on cars imported from the United States. China‘s commerce ministry accused America’s car industry of “dumping and subsidising”, thereby causing substantial damage to China’s domestic car industry. From Thursday, levies will be charged on larger-engined cars from several […]

Iran Shows Footage of Purported US Drone

Iranian state television on Thursday released the first images of what it said was a U.S. unmanned reconnaissance drone downed on Sunday along Iran’s eastern border after it made a brief incursion into its airspace.   The footage shows Iranian military officials inspecting an aerial vehicle resembling a high-tech RQ-170 Sentinel drone.  The vehicle appears […]

Iran shoots down US drone

Iran‘s armed forces have shot down an unmanned US spy plane that violated Iranian airspace along its eastern border. An unidentified military official quoted by the official Irna news agency on Sunday warned of a crushing response to any violations of Iranian airspace by US drone aircraft. “An advanced RQ170 unmanned American spy plane was […]

Bradley Manning lawyer: White House review found ‘leak’ did no real damage

The US army intelligence analyst suspected of giving classified material to WikiLeaks says a White House review has concluded that the alleged leaks did no real damage to national security. Bradley Manning‘s defence attorney made the claim in a court filing he released publicly on Monday. The filing also claims a defence department review found […]

Airstrike Against Iranian Nuclear Facilities Could Kill 100s of North Koreans and Russians

November 17, 2011 by legitgov ShareThis Airstrike Against Iranian Nuclear Facilities Could Kill 100s of North Koreans and Russians By John Daly 16 Nov 2011 As the drums for direct military intervention to derail Iran’s purported covert military nuclear weapons program beat louder in both Jerusalem and Washington, an overlooked issue is the possibility of […]

We need Occupy to help deliver equality | Kate Pickett

When Richard Wilkinson and I sat down towards the end of 2007 to start writing The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone, which was published in March 2009, we had a clear objective. After years of research, and having published a large number of papers in academic journals, we were frustrated that what […]

Rare earthquake shakes Oklahoma

6 November 2011 Last updated at 10:19 GMT The US state of Oklahoma has been shaken by a 5.6 magnitude earthquake, thought to be the strongest in its history. Some buildings cracked and a highway buckled, but there were no immediate reports of serious injury or damage. The quake was centred near the town of […]

Herman Cain dismisses sexual harassment claims as ‘witch hunt’

Herman Cain, one of the frontrunners in the Republican race for the White House, dismissed allegations of sexual harassment against him as a “witch hunt” as he launched a damage limitation exercise to keep his candidacy afloat. Over the course of two public appearances before the media and an interview with Fox News, Cain confirmed […]