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Occupy activists face growing criticism after failed port shutdown bid

Occupy protesters were facing growing criticism over Monday’s attempt to shut down the ports of America’s west coast, with unions condemning the action that left hundreds of its members unable to work. Terminals were effectively closed at Longview, Oakland and Portland, but plans to shut down the entire west coast failed after other protests saw […]

Protesters halt operations at some western ports

December 13, 2011 by legitgov ShareThis Protesters halt operations at some western ports 13 Dec 2011 After their successful attempts to block trucks and curb business at busy ports up and down the West Coast, some Occupy Wall Street protesters plan to continue their blockades and keep staging similar protests. Thousands of demonstrators forced shipping […]

Occupy DC protesters arrested after building wooden structure in park

US park police have arrested Occupy DC protesters who refused to dismantle an unfinished wooden structure erected in a local park overnight. Protesters began constructing the wooden building on Saturday, but on Sunday police told them they needed a permit for such a structure and gave them an hour to disassemble it. When the protesters […]

Occupy protesters take message about corporate greed to Black Friday shoppers in Calif.

November 26, 2011 by legitgov ShareThis Occupy protesters take message about corporate greed to Black Friday shoppers in Calif. 26 Nov 2011 Anti-Wall Street protesters took their message about corporate greed to Black Friday shoppers, staging demonstrations in commercial areas in California on one of the busiest days of the year for retailers and bargain-hunters. […]

‘Unequal’ US sees Occupy clashes

26 October 2011 Last updated at 19:19 GMT Protests have sprung up across the US, mobilising thousands, in support of Occupy Wall Street Income inequality in the US has sharply increased in recent decades, a bipartisan analysis has revealed. The Congressional Budget Office said income had trebled for the richest 1% between 1979 and 2007. […]

130 Occupy protesters arrested in Chicago

(CNN) — Chicago police arrested 130 “Occupy Chicago” protesters overnight for allegedly being in the city’s Grant Park after hours, authorities said Sunday. The crowd of protesters was estimated at more than 1,000 before police announced they had to vacate the area, said Officer Robert Perez, spokesman for Chicago police. Most of the protesters left […]

Occupy Wall Street, London and Frankfurt – live debate

5.37am in New York, 10.37am in London, 11.37am in Frankfurt: Just over a month after the first 1,000 people first turned up at Zuccotti Park near Wall Street in New York to express their outrage at corporate greed and social inequality, the Occupy movement has spread to more than 900 cities worldwide. On 15 October […]

‘Occupy Canada’ protest plans take shape

October 13, 2011 by legitgov ShareThis ‘Occupy Canada’ protest plans take shape 12 Oct 2011 Canadian cities are expected to get their first taste of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement this weekend amid questions about what reception the north-of-the-border version of demonstrations against corporate greed, wealth concentration and other grievances will get. While the mass […]

Occupy Wall Street tries to maintain message

Demonstrators aim to reach those who ‘freeload’ at protests on day 24 of a grassroots movement that has spread through the country, now reaching 70 cities The protests are focused on demonstrating against corporate greed and economic inequality

‘Occupy DC’ protesters rally in Freedom Plaza

October 6, 2011 by legitgov ShareThis ‘Occupy DC’ protesters rally in Freedom Plaza 06 Oct 2011 A couple of hundred social justice protesters launched an “occupation” of Freedom Plaza Thursday, the area’s first major demonstration against rising inequality since the Occupy Wall Street movement began last month in New York and spread around the country. […]