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Obama: Economic Fairness is ‘The Defining Issue of Our Time’

President Barack Obama says restoring America’s prosperity and economic fairness is the defining issue of our time. The president went to the Midwestern state of Kansas Tuesday to restate his economic goals. In a nearly hour-long speech, President Obama stressed the importance of reforming the nation’s economy to give middle class Americans what he called […]

Obama Urges Congress to Extend Payroll Tax Cuts

U.S. President Barack Obama is urging the public to persuade members of Congress to extend a payroll tax cut that saved a typical middle class family about $1,000 last year.  The tax cut is set to expire on December 31. Obama’s message during his weekly address Saturday comes a day after Americans got news of […]

Obama: US has created jobs in private sector 21 months running

US president Barack Obama says his most pressing priority is to get the US economy growing faster, after the US Department of Labor announced unemployment in America had fallen to 8.6% in November, its lowest level since March 2009. He also urged Congress to extend its payroll tax cut past the 31 December deadline

Barney Frank not seeking re-election in 2012

Washington (CNN) — U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, a prominent 16-term liberal Democrat from Massachusetts and arch-enemy of political conservatives nationwide, announced Monday that he does not intend to seek re-election in 2012. Frank, 71, said his decision to retire from Congress was prompted partly by changes made to the boundaries of his U.S. House district. […]

Lawmakers, Twitter locked in dispute over Taliban tweets

November 25, 2011 by legitgov ShareThis Lawmakers, Twitter locked in dispute over Taliban tweets 23 Nov 2011 Some members of Congress are urging the popular website Twitter to stop hosting pro-Taliban tweets that celebrate attacks against US and allied forces in Afghanistan. Twitter executives have told lawmakers that the micro-posts do not violate the website’s […]

Jon Corzine called to Congress to account for MF Global’s collapse

MF Global boss Jon Corzine, who has been publicly silent since his brokerage’s spectacular collapse, has been asked to appear before Congress next month to explain what went wrong at the company. Corzine, a former governor of New Jersey and a former chief executive of Goldman Sachs, quit MF Global on 4 November, days after […]

Obama puts tax cut centre stage

22 November 2011 Last updated at 17:39 GMT The president will argue that failure to extend the tax breaks would hurt middle-class families US President Barack Obama is in the political battleground state of New Hampshire to challenge Congress to extend an expiring payroll tax cut. His trip comes a day after the failure of […]

Obama: Republicans ‘refused to listen to voices of reason’

Barack Obama has criticised Republican members of a congressional supercommittee after it failed to agree a strategy to reduce America’s $15tn deficit. Speaking to reporters at the White House, Obama promised to veto any attempts by Republicans to block automatic spending cuts that are scheduled for 2013 if Congress cannot come to any other deficit […]

Obama Blames Republicans for Deficit Committee Failure

President Barack Obama blamed opposition Republicans in Congress on Monday for the failure of a special deficit committee to reach a compromise on $1.2 trillion in additional federal government spending cuts during the next 10 years. Mr. Obama spoke after the so-called “supercommittee” acknowledged its inability to reach an agreement, saying its members could not […]

In DC, knowledge is not only power – it’s money, too | Ana Marie Cox

CBS’s 60 Minutes report on insider trading by members of Congress. Video: CBS It’s hardly the most important question that comes to mind when reviewing the evidence of congressmen buying and selling stock based on their knowledge of upcoming legislation, but I confess it’s the riddle that fascinates me the most: what counts as “inside […]