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The daily grab bag #2 | Ana Marie Cox

• Petulant Floridians join irritated New Hampshire residents in thinking Michele Bachmann should pay more attention to them, because she needs them to win the nomination. They are totally going to not sit next to her at lunch. • Congressional members can’t stop poking each other. • Here is a picture of a Chia Pet […]

Health Buzz: Does Coffee Cut Depression Risk in Women?

Coffee May Thwart Depression, New Study Says Women are twice as likely as men to develop depression over their lifetime. The good news: a few daily cups of Joe may lower women’s depression risk, a new study suggests. Researchers from Harvard’s School of Public Health analyzed surveys on the caffeine consumption of more than 50,000 […]

Coffee may help prevent depression in women

Drinking several cups of coffee a day may help to prevent depression in women, new research suggests. It found that four or more cups of caffeinated coffee slashed the risk of clinical depression by 20% when compared with drinking one or fewer cups per week. The research, published today in the Archives of Internal Medicine, […]