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Wall Street protesters vow to reoccupy on movement’s anniversary

Activists at Occupy Wall Street have issued a call to thousands of protesters across the US to reoccupy outdoor public spaces to mark the movement’s three-month anniversary. The Occupy movement has stalled in recent weeks after a wave of evictions swept away a raft of encampments, including the largest in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New […]

President Obama, do not bow to the bishops on the birth control mandate | Brittany Shoot

When the Obama administration successfully pushed the healthcare reform package through Congress last year, it was a major victory for American women. Congressional Democrats had campaigned aggressively to secure contraceptive coverage as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), requiring insurers to cover “preventative health services”. On 1 August of this year, Secretary […]

New York’s ardour for Michael Bloomberg cools

The rally last week at Manhattan’s Riverside church was packed. Several thousand people crammed into the famous hall where Martin Luther King once gave a 1967 speech against the Vietnam war and for a fight against poverty. The gathering was part of the Living Wage New York campaign, which aims to force companies who receive […]

Kenyan Grenade Attack Kills 2

Kenyan authorities suspect militants are behind a grenade attack on a house near a church in eastern Kenya, killing two people and wounding at least two others. Officials say it happened in the town of Garissa around midnight Saturday.  A second grenade found nearby did not explode. The violence comes as many people were planning […]

US bishop charged with failing to report abuse

A bishop has become the highest-ranking US Catholic official indicted on a charge of failing to protect children after he and his diocese waited five months to tell police about hundreds of images of child pornography discovered on a priest’s computer. Bishop Robert Finn, the first US bishop criminally charged with sheltering an abusive clergyman, […]

Justices attend toned-down Red Mass

Washington (CNN) — A half dozen Supreme Court justices, hundreds of members of the legal profession and other dignitaries attended the annual Red Mass in Washington Sunday to hear what amounted to an uncharacteristically noncontroversial service. Chief Justice John Roberts joined associate justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Stephen Breyer and Samuel Alito for […]

Study: Largest U.S. group of poor kids is now Latino

Los Angeles (CNN) — For the first time in U.S. history, the largest single group of poor children in any racial or ethnic category is Hispanic, according to a new survey. Calling it “a negative milestone” in Hispanics’ explosive growth in the United States, the Pew Hispanic Center study said in 2010, 37.3% of poor […]

Police: Parishioners tackle gunman after church shooting

(CNN) — Parishioners at a Lakeland, Florida, church tackled a gunman who allegedly shot the pastor and associate pastor on Sunday, holding the suspect until police arrived, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said. Jeremiah Fogel, 57, was taken into custody following the incident at the Greater Faith Christian Church, the sheriff’s office said in a […]