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Occupy Wall Street: how protesters made the Zuccotti Park eviction inevitable

It took a couple of hours on 15 November for hundreds of New York Police Department officers, under the orders of mayor Michael Bloomberg for what he claimed were deteriorating health and safety concerns, to tear down the encampment that protesters spent eight weeks constructing in a privately owned public space they came to know […]

NYPD Arrests More Occupy Wall Street Protesters

October 14, 2011 by legitgov ShareThis NYPD Arrests More Occupy Wall Street Protesters 14 Oct 2011 The anticipated conflict between Occupy Wall Street protesters and city officials happened after all on Friday as NYPD officers arrested at least 14 individuals, leaving a few battered and bruised. Many expected a confrontation early in the morning because […]

Mayor visits NYC protesters, orders cleaning of park

New York (CNN) — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg met with Occupy Wall Street protesters Wednesday evening and informed them that the private park where they have been staying for nearly four weeks will be cleaned on Friday, according to a statement from the Deputy Mayor for Operations Cas Holloway. The owners of Zuccotti Park […]