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US politics live blog: Obama meets Iraqi PM; GOP rivals trade blows

5.30pm: Time to wrap up for the evening. If you want to see the whole Huntsman-Gingrich gentle chat, then C-Span is showing the whole thing on delay starting at 6pm ET. 5.19pm: I’ve been watching the Huntsman-Gingrich “Lincoln-Douglas” style debate – and if this was the way that Lincoln and Douglas debated then slavery can’t […]

Tolerance may be harder to spread than Tony Blair and John Kerry imagine | Andrew Brown

Tony Blair and John Kerry gave a joint session on Friday to a class at Yale as part of Blair’s Faith Foundation work, which was livestreamed across the internet to an audience that fluctuated between 50 and 70. The 6,999,999,930 of you who didn’t listen in missed something valuable. Seven years ago, they were among […]

The daily grab bag #4 | Ana Marie Cox

• Joe McGinniss chooses country before self: “I’ll gladly sacrifice a few sales to have the country rid of Sarah Palin forevermore.” • Get ready for a long campaign. “The strategy is to: ‘win ugly.’ This may be the president’s best option, because as he demonstrated this week, it’s impossible to give a satisfying answer […]