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Obama Commerce Nominee Tries to Reassure Republicans

WASHINGTON — Former energy company executive John Bryson Tuesday sought to persuade Republicans he would be a strong voice for business in President Barack Obama’s administration if confirmed as Commerce Secretary. “The reason that President Obama reached out to me was my business experience,” Bryson told the Senate Commerce Committee during a hearing in which […]

Private Jets Return to Skies After Recessionary Layovers

Private jet-setters, start your engines. That’s the flight plan at some airports, where private jets that had been mothballed partly because of the recession are rolling out of hangars and queuing up on the tarmac. Although private jets are joining their commercial cousins in the air again, private traffic still lags behind its high points, […]

US subsidies to Boeing ‘illegal’

The dispute between Boeing and rival Airbus has been going on for six years US aircraft manufacturer Boeing received at least $5.3bn (£3.3bn) in unfair aid from Washington, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has concluded. The subsidies included money for research and development from the Nasa space agency, a panel of international trade judges has […]

You Will Be Watched While You Read This

Image via Wikipedia Oh, yeah. Because eventually cars will have a communication system that by law will have to be able to communicate with the police. This will be factory-installed in the name of safety. It will amount to this: You’ll pass by a cop’s location, and your car will tell the laptop in his […]