yunnan white bud organic cosmetic tea, wild shen sheng raw puer tea for weight loss, 250g chinese pu’er tea, pu er, pu-erh tea

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: more than 10 years
Age: 1 - 2 Years
Brand Name: Yunnan
Style: Loose Tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: QS

Product Description

Specification A health body is the key to a better life
Product Number: BC345
Product Name: Yunnan Puer Wild Spores
Net Weight: 250g
Shipping A health body is the key to a better life
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Detail A health body is the key to a better life
Yunnan Puer tea wild spores, germinate before the beginning of spring, hence the name of spring buds. After the wild spores maked the aroma quickly spread, it makes feel as in garden's flowers, drunk in which, it is also known as Drunk Bud, Potpourri. After tea, open tureen for a look, the bottom water Lingling, like most of the girls just out of the bath, so there are people called it the moon goddess. Wild spores germinate Pu'er tea with other different, to not curled leaves significant issue, but a white bud, leaves hidden in the bud inside. Leaves do not grow out, which taste more sweet, but after the blade up, the entrance are more sour, a bit like lemon tea taste. Wild Spores tea taste refreshing in summer, it is welcome by white-collar women.