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each 10g in one bag .IF order 50 bags, free shipping. 50 bags =500g.

Blueberry six major health functions 1, the lifting eye fatigue and improve eyesight In modern society, television, the widespread popularity of cars and computers, work and life pressure, eye fatigue and associated eye disease is increasing. Blueberry anthocyanin pigments for the conservation of regulatory myopia, pseudo myopia, eliminate eye fatigue beneficial. On for several hours or ten hours staring at a computer screen to see, causing eye fatigue, blurred vision, photophobia, dry eye, tears in their eyes and vision loss into middle age, presbyopia, which are conservation role; energy conservation eyes in the dark vision of motorists at night beneficial; blueberry anthocyanins to prevent free radicals caused by excessive eye lens protein oxidation, lens opacity, cataract beneficial. U.S. nutritionists recommend daily consumption of blueberry products 40 to 80 grams, you can reach eye care purposes. 2, slow brain aging, enhance memory Blueberries on aging-related amnesia moment there were significant improvements and preventive effect, and helps to improve the human central nervous system functions with other animals, so as to reverse due to aging caused by nerve conduction slowing information, cognitive degeneration. 3, anti-cancer effect Blueberry anthocyanins resistant to oxidation, scavenging free radicals, thereby protecting healthy cells from being more aggressive cancer cells, so the prevention of cancer caused by excessive free radicals beneficial. 4, the natural pigment source Many of the features attributed blueberry fruit high content of natural pigments. A U.S. study reported that blueberry anthocyanins contained in fruits and vegetables are all among the highest concentrations, while the blueberry anthocyanins part is most abundant in parts of its unique purple pericarp, wild blueberry fruit the highest concentrations. 5, anti-oxidative aging Radicals and aging humans have a relationship, particularly the active oxygen and various diseases such as cancer, congenital immune system diseases, cardiovascular diseases are closely related. U.S. Department of Agriculture study showed that the tested 40 kinds of fruits and vegetables compared to the highest antioxidant activity of blueberries. The antioxidant capacity can reduce the human metabolic byproduct formation of free radicals. 6, to prevent urinary tract infections Blueberries contain a compound, this compound can be prevented from adhering to the bacterial cell wall of the urethra, thereby preventing urinary tract infections. For the crowd for the elderly, children, pregnant women, workers suitable for children and pregnant women; known as a super fruit blueberries, high zinc, calcium, high iron, high copper, high vitamin, not only has good nutritional health effects, but also can enhance human immune function, oh. Than now is the fruit of fertilizer and pesticides, can not say this is really good a! suitable for the elderly: Mom and Dad fit to eat Oh, because blueberries prevent brain aging, cardiac, cancer soften blood vessels, blueberries can slow memory loss and prevention of heart disease, so it is seen as a super fruit. Eat blueberries or blueberry juice drink can help prevent colon cancer (blueberries can play this role because blueberries and other fruits contain a natural compound called pterostilbene, which helps prevent the body cause precancerous damage. Pterostilbene is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent) suitable for office workers: we drink tea, there will be 99% of pesticides and other, you know? A natural drink for how much we expect ah ~ This blueberries can not only improve the immune system, which is very effective against radiation, good for the eyes, and you definitely do not know the inner blueberry anthocyanins is super and more, there are oral cosmetics, beauty effect is absolutely strong