Wholesale Whole Package Snack Food Hao Xiang Ni Seedless Jujube Red Dates Dried Fruit

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Product Description

Chinese Snack Food Hao Xiang Ni Seedless Jujube Red Dates Dried Fruit- Xinjiang Hetian is the world's most famous fruit producing regions: everlasting soil without pollution, Kulun mountains ten thousand ice snow water for irrigating , everyday 15 hours time for sunshine, tempreture difference between day and night more than 20 degrees. Under those enviroments, make this Hetian dates full and flesh, contain more fruit mineral and taste more sweet. Description: 1.Simple packaging: be wrapped with a Natural kraft paper, more Healthy and environmental-friendly 2.Selecting xinjiang Jujube of noble, adopting modern advanced technology to go nuclear and keep the flesh nutrition structure with wonderful unique taste. Don't need to spit nuclear troubles, eating dates so easy! 3.Hao Xiang ni Jujube from artificial picking to natural drying, never add any artificial colors, preservatives, sugar and other additives. Please feel free to eat. 4.Rich nutrition, contain many trace elements and vitamin, known as the king of fruits vitamin. 5.Publication Date: 2014-01 ( This date will be constantly updated with time) 6.Qty: 1 Bag (25 small bags) ; 20g/each small bag NOTE: The images shown may be a little bit different to the real item cause of light and are for your reference only.