Wholesale Baosahn Yunnan China’s Coffee bean 500g/bags Raw coffee beans New Coffee Raw beens Non-Baking AAAA

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Packaging: Bulk
Shelf Life: 560days
Grade: AAAA
item Type: Other
Weight: 0.5
is_customized: Yes
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Coffee beans

Product Description

Brand:South Island Coffee
Series:Fine beans
Whether organic food:Be
Place of origin:Chinese mainland

Product Name: Baoshan Yunnan China's Raw coffee beens

Level : AAAA

Weight : 0.5kg

Packaging: jumbo foil bag sealed package

Different combinations of light off , shoot the picture effect is slightly different, but no matter how beat, pictures are very beautiful - very strict sorting beans themselves , this is the foundation of good grades .

Our fully upgraded AA beans , from February 28 exclusive ultra -elect AA beans - Yunnan boutique beans ! - Yunnan best arabica coffee . Milling - machine selection ( color selection ) - microdermabrasion polish ( remove most of the silver skin ) - artificial selection ( high purity ) - tall, accurate classification - to remove most of the round beans ( can not guarantee that no one )

On the head : the head is graded pore size 8mm, 7mm aperture sieve and sorting . Removing more than 8mm individual large beans, beans removal of less than 7mm . Beans in the finally obtained head difference of 1mm , while removing substantially all round beans ~ ! Pure flat !

Here are the photos of our coffee plantations :

2013-2014 season picking coffee beans produced in Yunnan Pu'er

This product is a selection of beans by machine selection ( removal of stone debris - rice shelled -16 shaker " 6mm aperture " - gravity separation " removal is not full of beans " - winnowing " remove shell beans " - ccd color sorter " to remove all color and unusual moldy beans such as beans, spotted beans, black beans, beans, fox , etc." - microdermabrasion polish ) and then through artificial selection for deficiencies , very clean ! Quality assurance has almost no effect bad beans, stinky beans, fox beans, moldy beans, beans worms ! Generous in terms of removing the head of 8mm like beans beans, broad beans, removing less than 6mm round beans, adzuki bean ! Purity is very good ! But , after all, is a product, the difference is still there heads ! Overall reach between 16 mesh -17 mesh . Many people will ask what the purpose to engage in pure 16 or 17 beans ? Not that we engage in , the most important issue is to consider cost . After 16 or 17 pure purpose beans roasted flavor than it is now is not good, but it takes more manpower to sorting, a bag of beans to increase costs 5 yuan . For most favorite coffee cafe owner 's personal or business who are not worth the candle ! The latter will be added to our higher level sorting beans to meet those higher requirements while better affordability friends ! Stay tuned !

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