Weight Loss Supplements High Quality Green Coffe Bean Extract 30% Chlorogenic Acid Caps 500mg x 1000pcs Eating Food Supplement

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Brand Name: Ruiherbs
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Origin: Green Coffee Bean
Product Type: Green Coffee Bean

Product Description

400gram Green Coffee Bean Extract Powder 30% Chlorogenic Acid Eating Food Supplement free shipping

Ingredients as below: Green Coffee Bean Extract 30% Chlorogenic Acid

Green coffee beans contain naturally occurring antioxidants called chlorogenic acids, which have been studied for their effects on weight loss. Studies have shown a positive correlation to the maintenance of blood sugar levels in the body and have even suggested a potential link to slowing the production of body fat. More research needs to be done, but these early findings continue to propel the popularity of gree n coffee bean extract as one of the most sought after natural weight management supplements in the market.

It was recently featured as a powerful weight loss aid because it really works to burn off fat. The following are a few of the other benefits this premium complex offers:

1. Significantly reduces appetite (prevents overeating) , 100% nature

2. Helps both men AND women burn fat

3. Burn fat without exercise using this proven natural supplement that has no side effects

4. Increases metabolism and energy