Vietnam (G7) triad 1600 g 100 value add instant coffee powder ,Free Shipping

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Grade: AAA
Weight: 1.6
Shelf Life: 480 Days
Brand Name: Vietnamese coffee
Flavor: Sugar
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Instant Coffee

Product Description

Coffee is drunk all over the world, is located in the tropical monsoon region of Vietnam

Is high quality coffee producers. The unique aroma has created unique Vietnam

Coffee. After fine grinding coffee, rushed a cup of strong aroma, ooze

Glove, a drink and refreshing. Believe that good quality alone

Vietnam central plains coffee aroma, the choice will be your drink!

Vietnam is the second largest country in the world coffee output, second only to Brazil. The central plains coffee was founded in June 1996 in the state department city - Vietnam's largest coffee place. The central plains coffee company is the largest coffee company, Vietnam Vietnam coffee planting mainly concentrated in the southern highlands, the cultivation of the average climate around 32 degrees, 38 degrees, dry and wet climate, there are four kinds of its raw coffee bean varieties: Arabica and Robusta, Cherry and Catimor beans, 90% were roma starr, quality is the best in the world, in order to better preserve and prominent French coffee flavor, Vietnam's coffee beans baking method is to add local cream, butter and other herbal ingredients, the inheritance of the French romantic roasting process technique, 100 coffee culture has created unique local coffee taste of Vietnam, each a cup of coffee aroma comes from the unique Vietnam clepsydra, join the local refined milk, after four varieties of beans used blended, still make description both taste sweet and romantic, the vicissitudes of life, bold, exotic all show, deserve to go up a cup of ice, became famous in the world of French iced coffee. Central plains the taste of coffee has low acidity, bitter taste, taste good, moderate is a mellow and fragrant coffee for asians.