Vietnam central plains G7 pure black coffee powder, instant coffee 2 g * 15 pack a box ,Free Shipping

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Grade: AAA
Weight: 30g(2g*15pcs)
Shelf Life: 720 Days
Brand Name: Vietnam G7
Flavor: Sugar
Packaging: Box
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Instant Coffee

Product Description

Matchless Vietnam zhongyuan G7 rich coffee, is one of the coffee of sai kung is very famous, every grain of coffee beans are carefully selected, select the best coffee coffee from Vietnam plateau area, so the product also with a special aroma. Smell aromatic nature.

Vietnam is located in the tropical monsoon region is high quality coffee producers. The unique aroma has created unique Vietnamese coffee. After fine grinding coffee, rushed a cup of strong aroma, refreshing, a drink and refreshing. Believe that excellent quality, unique aroma of Vietnamese coffee, will be your choice of drinks! Vietnamese coffee is famous in the world, and tastes sweet and thick, let a person aftertaste endless. Unlike general coffee, Vietnamese coffee production apparatus is quite special, and sweetened condensed milk is added in the coffee flavor, rich in India when drinking soften, and the French romantic amorous feelings. Than with the brand of the domestic price of the product is low, and the weight is more, taste more fragrant, taste more smooth! Vietnam's largest coffee company "central plains coffee" is a famous brand TRUNGNGUYEN Saigon (ho chi minh city) coffee, belong to create coffee type selected. Standard, size particles are after a rigorous selection process. The coffee in the plateau of 800 m to 1200 m high, so the product has a special aroma, select the best coffee from Vietnam plateau area. The taste of the coffee has low acidity, moderate bitterness, kindness is a mellow and fragrant coffee for asians. The advantages and disadvantages of the G7 coffee is based on the distinguish of coffee beans level, to make coffee flavour is the highest level, 8 no. 1 as the lowest level, making coffee beans belong to 8 treasures of coffee, a rare, belong to world class top quality coffee, coffee fans love! Nestle in Asia and Japan famous coffee brand of raw materials are coming to the g7