Top Grad Chinese Ripe Pu Er Tea, Yunnan Puer Tea,Old Tea Tree Materials Pu Erh,Honey Sweet Puerh Tea+Free Shipping

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Style: Blooming Tea
Age: 5 - 10 Years
Certification: QS
Grade: AAAAA
Weight (kg): 100g
Packaging: Bowl
Shelf Life: the long the better
Brand Name: S+

Product Description

Pu'er tea cooked whole network lowest

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Tenda number most Yunnan

Treasurer Recommended reason:

Tenda No. Yunnan Pu'er tea is not just the best of the whole network lowest, more importantly, the whole network is the most cost-effective products, not only that the materials used are Menghai tea material, taste fragrant sweet and refreshing.

\ "Profit is not selling, is the share of the good hearts! \"

This tea can be said that there is no profit at all, and such a good tea feed a lot of people really unthinkable, so many people have always thought that tea is definitely not cheap, it does not matter, your question is also well understood , Tenda No. dare to do is to establish a brand image in our hearts and hope like Pu'er friends do not miss. Because 2013 is a new system of Pu'er, Menghai secret material from the system, so there is a little tea stems, but the cable is still clearly visible texture, tea withstand the test, we are not at a low price to deceive anyone, we have the conscience to do things, pictures are real shot, you want them to see the most authentic tea Tenda number, you will know to buy. There is also the price of cooked tea, depending on the tastes and hobbies of raw and cooked tea Click to viewMenghai Pu'er tea cooked

Guanchashise scan quality

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Tenda number most Yunnan Pu'er