Tanzania Kilimanjaro mazar-e-sharif ROM AAAAA boutique Green Coffee Beans Manor Organic Raw Coffee Beans 500g

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Grade: AAAAA
Weight: 500g
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Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Coffee beans

Product Description

Kilimanjaro mazar-e-sharif, Coffee (Kilikmanjaro Coffee); Kilimanjaro mazar-e-sharif, coffee originated in northeast Tanzania's highest mountain Kilimanjaro in Africa (Mount Kilimanjaro). Its coffee are of good quality, rich smell, acidity, suitable for the deployment of comprehensive coffee. Kilimanjaro mazar-e-sharif, coffee is the important lifeblood of the economy of Tanzania, roughly 17% of foreign exchange is created by the coffee, the main production is concentrated in the northeast near Arusha MountKilimanjaro around, is Kilimanjaro mazar-e-sharif, volcanoes, snow Africa's highest peak. And Kilimanjaro mazar-e-sharif, coffee, AAAAA coffee beans to Tanzania, was one of the top by ash inoculation, the achievements of nature DouZhong, with unique cocoa aromas in the coffee, have a strong degree of glycol.

Production in the near the moche area of mount Kilimanjaro, at three thousand feet to six thousand feet in the mountain area is the area that is most suitable for the cultivation of coffee, while the rich volcanic gave the coffee here thick texture and mild acidity. It sends out a delicate fragrance, and contains wine and fruit aroma, a delicious after tasting. Drank Kilimanjaro mazar-e-sharif, coffee, always feel the mouth has a kind of soft sweet earthy, gourmet coffee commonly used words like "wild" or "wild" to describe it, can say the pure Kilimanjaro mazar-e-sharif, coffee is "with the most distinctive features of the African coffee". Kilimanjaro mazar-e-sharif AAAAA is the highest level of the beans, the pellet full, good flavor, rich and refreshing, all aspects of the quality are all fine. It usually mild acidic than Kenya coffee, and stimulate the tongue at the back of the middle and evenly on both sides of the taste buds, feels a bit like the sour taste of tomatoes or soda. After more than mild or moderate baking has a strong aroma, and grind into powder, blisters on a pot of extra, as I sat taste, feel fulfilling, breath fluid.

Tanzania's coffee are adored by people in Europe, very early in the ranks of the world famous brand. Europeans to Tanzania, alias "gentleman" coffee, coffee coffee connoisseur but also with the "king of the coffee" blue mountain, "mocha coffee lady" and is referred to as "the three musketeers" coffee.

Main coffee region at the foot of mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania here has the rich volcanic soil, planting in the some of the coffee tree has more than 100 years old, the first coffee was first introduced by the Christian from Kenya to plant coffee, coffee trees have to be careful care, weeding and fertilizing. Old branches so that they can and must be cut off to grow new branch to maintain the quality of the coffee bean, bean plant equipment are perfect;

Kilimanjaro mazar-e-sharif, uniform large grain of coffee beans, coffee is the size of the color of celadon, compared with strong acidity and sweet aroma, flavor. Moderate after baking will send out a sweet taste and delicate acidity, depth after baking will produce the bitter taste of the soft, suitable for mixed to allocate.