Supply Jingdezhen Ceramic Smart Kettle Coffee teapot kettle flowers 18002 #

price: US $65.00
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item Type: scented tea
Base: 15 * 1.6cm pot: diameter 6 15 * 15cm

Product Description

[Name]: glaze color ceramic electric kettle Peony

[Texture]: High-temperature ceramics

[Specification]: Base: 15 * 1.6cm
Pot: Diameter 6 15 * 15cm

[Weight]: Base: 0.16kg
Pot: 1.14kg
Total: 1.70kg
[Grade]: gifted class

[Package]: Formal tray

[Beautiful green ceramic streamlined appearance, refined and elegant, luxurious and generous, highlight the noble quality]

[Concealed stainless steel heating element, boil water without odor, convenient non-toxic health, clean]
[Convenient, boil a pot of water takes only 4-6 minutes, 100 degrees boiling]

[Using the new thermostat, water vapor sensor control, automatic power off after water, dry automatic power-off protection function]

[360 degree rotation power connector chassis, any place, flexible and comfortable]

[Classic firing pattern, a very romantic mood of life]


Our high-Pak Nai Other works of clay

1 ton 2800 dollars high-Pak Nai, Nai porcelain high local priority-based mining porcelain clay do not easily molded. And black porcelain

Kaolin and other raw materials. After finishing the preparation of high temperature and also inexpensive. Clay one ton 300 dollars.

Original firing delicate porcelain glaze pure noble flawless, white hair yellow time, there are low firing temperature, radioactive

Elegant, muscle that, likeSnow frozen frost suspect. Quality endanger people's health.

The advantages of high lime mud, high firing temperature [Jingdezhen expressly provides that: do not porcelain clay]

Durable hard porcelain green 2 Now some unscrupulous traders due to low cost of clay, porcelain pottery posing