Supply Jingdezhen Ceramic 6 Coffee Set C bone china coffee cup and saucer Spoon Purple Rose 4324

price: US $52.00
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item Type: Other
Num.: 4324
Material: 36 percent more bone meal bone china
Place of origin: Jingdezhen
Style: Western
Pattern: Flowers
Surface Technology: Overglaze
Qty: twenty four

Product Description

Time to market:In mid-2014
Price segment:40-50 yuan
Custom support:It is
Is there a patent:No
Number Kits:6
Custom processing:It is

[Name]: Jingdezhen 6 Coffee Set
[Texture]: High-temperature ceramics

Specification: two coffee cups (high 7.5cm diameter 9cm) + 2 coffee Singles (length 14.5

Width 11.5cm)+2 Coffee spoon (total length 15cm handle length 6.5cm) Total 6

[Grade]: gifted class

[Package]: Formal tray

[Features]: bone china coffee Features:

Delicate porcelain: Whiteness soft, light and strong, showing not the same as with ordinary porcelain texture and brightness, exude aristocratic elegance

Utensils regular shape: bright screen glazed texture better.

Good insulation: Compared with traditional porcelain, bone china insulation better, there is more to feel when drinking coffee or tea.

Environmental protection porcelain: bone china are mostly low-lead or lead-free products. Because Europe is the basic guarantee of society, both in terms of product quality in line with Europe.

Better strength, carcass thinner, lighter specific gravity: Due to the different components of bone china and ordinary porcelain can be thinner and more tough wear, but due to high temperature molding more difficult, so forming a high rejection rate, the objective Factors form of higher prices.


Our high-Pak Nai Other works of clay

1 ton 2800 dollars high-Pak Nai, Nai porcelain high local priority-based mining porcelain clay do not easily molded. And black porcelain

Kaolin and other raw materials. After finishing the preparation of high temperature and also low prices. Clay one ton 300 dollars. Time hair yellow,

Original firing delicate porcelain glaze pure, noble and flawless, snow as well as the firing temperature is low, there is radioactive properties endanger people's health

White elegance, Bing Ji Yu bone, like snow and cold cream suspect Kang.

The advantages of high lime mud, high firing temperature [Jingdezhen expressly provides that: do not porcelain clay]

Durable hard porcelain green now some unscrupulous traders due to low cost clay, porcelain pottery posing