s&s cafe -Xing long coffee (227g/bag) strong chocolate cream Nanyang traditional roasting (sent Russian free shiping )

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Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Coffee beans

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s&s cafe -

Roasting coffee green bean (227g/bag)

strong chocolate cream Free shiping

sepciation :227g/Bag

Altitude :700m

Procession method : natured


n Southeast Asia, the spread of such a jingle: "Chaozhou, Fujian vermicelli noodles, Hainan coffee all pass." It is said that in Southeast Asia, most of the coffee shops are run by people of Hainan. In the 1950s, they returned overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, not only to tradition and making coffee, coffee craft to the Hainan Xinglong, also produced later notorious booming coffee.

After a long study, it was found that although a large grain of coffee seed yield, but the quality is poor taste; arabica tastes good though, can the growth environment for the plateau climate, booming low altitude, growing arabica only low yields, and the tree the life is not long. Finally, they put the grain is booming as the most suitable types of coffee cultivation began large-scale cultivation of varieties, booming altitude, latitude and climate, is the kind of coffee grains settled provides a good guarantee. Reputation reason Premier Zhou Enlai after drinking, said:. "Xinglong coffee is world class and I drink a lot of foreign coffee, or coffee drink our own species," In this way, the Prime Minister drank three cups a row, when I intend to drink the fourth cup , was discouraged Mrs. Yingchao. After this, the authorities also deliberately send a chief of Shanghai manufacturing plant to the booming coffee to learn roasted coffee technology. A cup of fragrant coffee, an amiable prime minister, is booming coffee wrote some reputation. Looking to the future Party and state leaders Zhu De, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping, wu, Peng Zhen, Ye Jianying, also has been to booming, gradually, to entertain guests Xinglong coffee became an essential share. In addition to the central directorate, many foreign experts also praised booming coffee. Early 1959, an East German experts to visit booming, he said after tasting the coffee is booming: "Your coffee tastes than we previously tasted to be good, I hope you can grow a lot of hope in the near future. printed in Germany can buy 'booming brand' coffee. "Unfortunately, until today, the good wishes of the German experts have failed to achieve. Booming Southeast Asian frying technique is the use of methods such booming local coffee frying method best suited to this, in the frying process, not only to master the furnace, but also in a timely manner coupled with sugar, salt and butter, such as coffee exceptionally fragrant. Quality coffee, excellent frying techniques. Roasted coffee flavor strong, unique taste of coconut milk coffee, frying scene is booming and some points of interest, so that tourists enjoy the freshest coffee at the same time, understand the production process. However, high-quality coffee, excellent frying technique, but failed to really make the booming coffee flourish, today it is a booming eternal pain in many people's hearts. Xinglong, Hainan Xinglong coffee beans with high-quality, well-baked from the traditional process, the original fragrance with coffee flavor, creamy and delicious. Can brew, boil more fragrant, to be filtered for drinking. Roasted coffee of high quality Hainan Xinglong coffee beans, baked special charcoal made it more rich mellow flavor, aftertaste. After brewing to be filtered for drinking. Coconut milk coffee selection Wenchang, Hainan Xinglong coffee beans and coconut as raw materials, the scientific process is refined, pure taste, coconut milk coffee rich, creamy and delicious, a ready to drink. Quality requirements Provenance Kinds of coffee in grain (coffea canephora Pierre). Site Conditions Altitude of 900 meters, moist, shaded forest valley, coffee plantations must build windbreaks. pH value between 4.5 to 6.5, soil hydrolytic nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter content were higher than 60mg/kg, 15mg/kg, 80mg/kg, 25g/kg; and water convenient, well-drained red loam and yellow loam, sandy loam and followed alluvial soil. Cultivation techniques A nursery: select branches from the robust growth of the mother tree asexual reproduction. 2 planting time: planting time for the annual spring or autumn. 3 planting density: the number of trees planted per hectare density ≥ 1500 strains. 4 fertilization: organic fertilizer, with inorganic fertilizers, application of organic fertilizer per hectare per year is not less than 10 tons. 5 Pruning: A multi-crown-type tree shaping, maintaining air and light. 6 Harvest: red fruit after harvest batches prohibited greens. 7 environment, safety requirements: the use of pesticides, fertilizers, etc. must comply with the relevant provisions of the State shall not pollute the environment. Processing A raw materials: dry peeling → → → Packaging → screening natural storage for 1 year. 2 product processing: raw coffee roasting cleanup → → → Add ingredients roasted → Beans → Packaging Immediately cooled grinding → → → coffee packaging. Quality Features 1 coffee: (1) Sensory characteristics: (2) Physical Specifications: Moisture ≤ 5.0%, caffeine ≥ 0.85%. 2 coffee powder: (1) Sensory characteristics: Project Index Color Dark brown or tan color uniform Morphology Powder, no agglomeration Taste and smell The product has a unique coffee flavor, odor Impurities No visible impurities (2) Physical Specifications: Moisture ≤ 5.0%, Ash ≤ 5.0%, caffeine ≥ 0.85%. 3 safety requirements: product safety indicators must meet the relevant national regulations on similar products. Logo use Xinglong coffee producers within the scope of products protected geographical indication may be made using a "geographical indication product-specific signs" of an application to the Hainan Exit Inspection and Quarantine, AQSIQ Announcement approval. From the date of this announcement since the beginning of the implementation of quality inspection departments across geographical indication protection measures on the booming coffee. Project Index Color Dark brown or tan Morphology Full particles, uniform, complete Taste and smell The product has a unique coffee flavor, odor Impurities No visible impurities