Soft time Scandinavian modern glass ornaments glass decorations American Village Glass Jar

price: US $535.00
from AliExpress
Item Type: Instant Coffee
Flavor: Chocolate
Brand: Gentle Times / soft time
Appearance: Other
Color Classification: No. MV028 XL XXL No. MV194 L No. MV193 M No. MV194-24 No. S MV175
Material: Glass
Item: GT14BX08
Application of space: Living room

Product Description

1 , high-grade candlesticks, walk between the classical and the modern, minimalist and simple, with a strong tolerance for diverse force .
2 , high-grade Candlestick exquisite and delicate , with superior quality and noble feeling, beautiful and elegant , exquisite and unique design , the continuation of the
Timeless classic elements , to show the essence of the product.
  • Brand:Soft time
  • Product Name:Soft time Scandinavian modern glass ornaments glass decorations American Village Glass Jar
  • Origin:China
  • Item:GT14BX08
  • Price:499 yuan / XXL 280/ XL 199/ L 215/ M 180/ S;
  • Composition : Single
  • Size :High 40cm wide 24cm, Glass: high 36cm diameter 21.5 / XXL; high 35cm wide 18cm, Glass: High 30.5cm diameter 15 / XL; high 30cm wide 14cm, Glass: High 26.5cm diameter 10.5cm / L; high 27.5cm width 17.5 cm, glass: high 24cm diameter 16cm / M; high 23cm width 17.5cm, glass: high 18.5cm diameter 16.5cm / S;
  • Weight:2.3KG / XXL, 1.34KG / XL, 0.64KG / L, 0.94KG / M, 1.12KG / S;
  • Material:Glass
  • Packaging:Professional carton packaging
  • Tips:Because glass products without absolutely perfect , more or less small bubbles. These are also handmade products can not be avoided, especially after careful care of your detailed understanding of the purchase, if the purchase indicates acceptance of our above description . Thank you for your cooperation ! Noted.
  • Recommended :Suitable beside the coffee table, coffee shop, bar , hotel lobby , SPA health clubs, real estate showrooms, places like the courtyard . Home life is an indispensable fashion items !