Soft time Nordic European modern boutique ceramic Faust horses ceramic horse ornaments size options

price: US $154.00
from AliExpress
Item Type: Instant Coffee
Flavor: Chocolate
Brand: Gentle Times / soft time
Appearance: Animal
Color Classification: Large trumpet YG3472 YG3471
Material: Ceramics
Item: GT14T01
Application of space: Study

Product Description

Brand:Soft time
  • Product Name:Continental Europe and the United States of North America idyllic modern boutique ceramic horse ceramic horse ornaments Faust size can be radio
  • Origin:China
  • Item:GT14T01
  • Price:68 yuan / small 118 yuan / great ;
  • Style: big , small
  • Size :High 21.5cm length 19cm width 7cm / large ; high 16.5cm wide 14cm long 7cm / small ;
  • Weight:0.62KG / Big 0.4KG / small
  • Material:Ceramics
  • Packaging:Professional carton packaging
  • Tips:As the product is no absolute perfection , more or less with minor flaws . These are also handmade products can not be avoided, especially after careful care of your detailed understanding of the purchase, if the purchase indicates acceptance of our above description . Thank you for your cooperation ! Noted.
  • Recommended :Suitable beside the coffee table, coffee shop, bar , hotel lobby , SPA health clubs, real estate showrooms, places like the courtyard . Home life is an indispensable fashion items !