Soft time American country upscale home accessories resin ornaments hand-painted decorations Matt Bear Rocking Horse

price: US $535.00
from AliExpress
Item Type: Instant Coffee
Flavor: Chocolate
Brand: Gentle Times / soft time
Appearance: Animal
Color Classification: Rocking Horse LF1010740RG
Material: Resin
Item: GT14T10
Application of space: Living room

Product Description

1, the master design , European and American orders. Lucky retro personalized ornaments, do the old high-grade resin material, romantic European-style , classic American style.
2 , placement entrance , living room, hallway , study. Guests greeted at the door that moment , instantly reflects the taste of the owner .
3 , the home is the most warm home life , of course, not the lack of a little ornaments . More time can be used with soft home products , you create a uniquely visual feast, Li home experience a sense of European flavor .
  • Brand:Soft time
  • Product Name:Soft time American country upscale home accessories resin hand-painted ornaments Neil bear rocking horse ornament
  • Origin:China
  • Item:GT14T10
  • Price:499 yuan / month ;
  • Style: rocking horse ornaments
  • Size :Overall length 32cm high 35cm wide 10cm;
  • Weight:1.8KG / a
  • Material:Resin
  • Packaging:Professional carton packaging
  • Tips:Rocking horses Distressed small spots are designed to meet the product shape, especially after a detailed understanding of care , please buy carefully , products are taken in kind , but the reason there is a difference of more or less light or display , please receive the kind prevail !
  • Recommended :Suitable beside the coffee table, coffee shop, bar , hotel lobby , SPA health clubs, real estate showrooms, places like the courtyard . Home life is an indispensable fashion items !
  • Meaning:For life's long road , there will be wind and rain baptism , even scarred , it will not back down , and only experienced a storm to let your heart and soul.