slimming tea resin puer tea shu puer shen cha gao pu erh 50pcs Top grade chagao buy 2 or more get a free cha gao tea box

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: 10000
Age: 11 - 20 Years
Brand Name: cha gao
Style: Tea Bag
Packaging: Sachet
Certification: QS

Product Description

We promise: We operate wholesale Pu'er tea stores in Yunnan , tea originated in Yunnan, we guarantee that all teas are the original ecology of the Yunnan Pu'er tea, and I will bring you to bring the best of Yunnan Pu'er tea, this is your The most authentic drink of pu'er tea!

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Important note: buy 2 or more,get a free cha gao special box!





One box can hold about 150pcs

Please tell me your favorite color, so I can accurately send a special box of your favorite!

[Name] Top grade resin puer 50pcs (original shu resin puer 30pcs+jasmine shen pesin puer 20pcs )

[Pu'er tea technology] Resin Puer (cha gao)

[Specifications] a total of 50pcs , about 29g

[brewing method] resin puer brewing method is very simple, the resin puer into the cup, pour the right amount boiling water (with mountain spring water or purified water is better), you can drink until resin puer fully dissolved.

[Specials] one-time purchase 2 or more, send a special box for free!

As we all know, cha gao is a special way to the tea and juice fibrous substances separating the juice obtained by reprocessing, reduced to a higher level of solid instant tea. Their raw materials and production process of a high level is very strict, so that they have a high human use value, and the yield is very small!

[brewing method]

1pcs resin puer about 0.5g, you can brew a great cup 1-2 of Pu'er tea ,

Many weight loss success depends on the Pu'er tea persons, although there are different reasons but the same purpose.

A right choice not only make you thin, from a certain point of view is to allow you to become more healthy, so you should choose Pu'er tea, rather than soft drinks, beer!

What is resin puer (cha gao)? The Yunnan unique large-leafed tea tree after processing and fermentation, through a special way in tea and tea fiber material separation, tea will be available for re-processing, solid instant tea reduced to a higher level. Modern resin puer craftsmanship is a resin puer production process developed on the basis of the production process on the Qing court. This approach mimics the Qing resin puer making climate, temperature, environment, in a more complex and detailed process, the tea extracts and concentrates, controlled at room temperature 40 degrees Celsius. Aromatic substances and the use of the volatiles and precipitation of the active ingredient must be at a certain temperature characteristic, the maximum of these original tea tea material to effectively dissolve the solid and then converge resin puer.

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