SHUZE Shu Zhen SH-50A one for two wireless microphone wireless microphone karaoke microphone KTV karaoke OK quality

price: US $365.00
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Item Type: Instant Coffee
Flavor: Chocolate
Radiohead type: Capacitive
Wireless: Wireless
Color classification: Black
Channel: 2
Applicable objects: Conference dedicated

Product Description

SHUZE Shu Zhen SH-50A one for two wireless microphone KTV karaoke OK wireless microphone karaoke microphone

Detailed description:
Audio frequency response: 50-15000Hz
Dynamic range: 100dB
System distortion: 0.5%
Signal to noise ratio: 100dB
From: Appr.80M
Operating temperature range:-10 c-55 c
Carrier frequency range: 180-280MHz
Receiver sensitivity: <2 v
Image rejection: >50dB
To add: 50 s
Audio output impedance: 600 ± 10%
Audio output level: 0~0.5V
Power supply: 4.5W
Size: 423x220x58mm
Weight: Appr.1750g
Frequency stability: ± 0.005%
Carrier output power: 30mW
Spurious radiation Suppression: >50dB
Modulation mode: FM
Maximum modulation: ± 25KHz
Pickups: moving coil Dynamic
Pre-emphasis: 50 s
Power supply: 4.5V Batt
Power consumption: 30mA
Size: 53x250mm
Weight: Appr.235g (NO Batt.)