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price: US $45.20
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Item Type: Instant Coffee
Flavor: Chocolate
Supply category: Spot
Brand: Pro- grass by hand
Slippers species: Flip-flops ( sandals )
Upper material: Mesh
Sole Material: Flax
Applicable gender: Woman

Product Description

For the Season:Spring, summer , autumn, winter
Whether with USB:No
Whether the trade:No
Whether the stock:No
Color:White, yellow , red, green, black
Size:34,35,36,37,38,39,40 , increase

Hemp slippers, hand- prepared , cool, absorbent, breathable , do not burn the feet , hemp soles comfortable wear, while foot reflexology massage , promote blood circulation, prevention and appropriate treatment of athlete's foot . Pure natural linen material can effectively eliminate the odor, is home leisure Ichiban ! Hand Square pro- grass Fenghuang in Hunan , the main kinds of handmade sandals , hemp shoes , panniers , baskets and other hand-woven crafts , fashionable , fine workmanship , top quality, reasonable prices. Companies adhering to the " customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, the " customers first " principle to provide our clients with quality services. Welcome! Sample processing .

Product performance and advantages:

Summer wear sandals benefits, walking foot light phase and the bottom surface irregularities , long walk , not only hurt the foot , also played on the foot massage effect.

Sandals can also be used as decorations hanging in the house , there was a saying in the rural home , sandals hanging on the walls in your home , take kai tone " wall of shoes " can be used to ward off evil .

Raw jute are hand woven hemp sandals child one by one with a wooden stick soft mallet , then slowly woven hemp shoes . Only then meticulously hand- making , in order to weave into high-quality hemp sandals come . Really is a natural , environmentally friendly handicraft products! Edited pair of straw sandals to spend a day early editors , experts were able to compile one day about four to five pairs . Each pair of sandals are embodied fabricate good wishes and blessings ! Small pair of sandals is willing to bring you not only fresh , as well as healthy, happy ......

Home, outdoor tilapia. Summer home, cool , absorbent , soft, very good inhibitory effect on the odor , but also has some massage effect. Go out wearing a pair of handmade sandals , then you definitely are on the way of the protagonist. Such a pair of hand- crafted sandals , shoes for less than a quarter of the price yo, summer is definitely the first choice .

The straw crafts and handmade crochet unique combination is a classic product of the place. Natural simple, elegant, light and comfortable , breathable, absorbent and strong , unique ethnic characteristics.

Styles , modern design, lightweight materials , like no shoes in general , gives a feeling of returning to nature ! Comfortable, moisture-proof , non-slip , sweat , can also play a foot massage , foot care and other effects . To the people to return to basics , back to Superior enjoy nature, be regarded as a cheap and efficacious health products , popular modern favorite !

Projection point on the sandals
Linen material ( ie, a raw material produced clothing ) itself is soft soles will be slightly harder compiled some just can produce a slight foot massage ; when some people just wear will not meet , soon after wear feel comfortable. The new low-heeled shoes with special weave , smooth soles , will not feel grinding feet.