Ripe Chinese puer tea,Classic-red Puerh tea Jujube taste,Green Food,Yunnan Shu Pu er tea for weight loss Slimming 250g

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Packaging: Brick
Brand Name: ENWF
Weight (kg): 0.250
Shelf Life: The long the better
Age: 5 - 10 Years
Style: Compressed Tea
Grade: AAAAA

Product Description

Ripe Chinese puer tea,Classic-red Puerh tea Jujube taste,Green Food,Yunnan Shu Pu er tea for weight loss Slimming 250g

Product name: first warehouse dates sweet brick tea Pu-Erh tea brick

Product type: Pu-er ripe tea

Specification: 250 g (250g)

Date of manufacture: 2010

Storage conditions: clean, well ventilated, dry and odor-free, out of direct sunlight, can be stored for a long time.

Retention period: in the storage conditions, the older the better

Raw material selection of Yunnan big leaves species green tea fermentation,Abundant water extracts turned out transparent red gel in a cup of tea,Soup entry sweet and soft, Tang Zhixian smooth, heavy and thick; Heritage sweet and enduring,ZAO fragrance significantlyAnd rich quality of tea and brings a sense of fulfillment the mouth; their throats and moist, tea time charm is always dissolved in soup, giving the sense of elegant and comfortable; tours wine red color transparent, alcohol and heavy tea soup.

Pu'er advantage
The Tea of Life
Pu’er can be very beneficial to your body and mind but like all remedies you must use it properly:
Pu’er After Meals
Pu’er has been described as a ‘slimmer’s’ tea because it eats unwanted fat in your body. Pu’er tea is an excellent digestif and therefore the ideal drink to relax with after a meal. It has been appreciated after meals by Tibetans, the indigenous tribes of Yunnan and the Chinese for centuries. Regularly drinking Pu’er tea helps you lose weight.
Pu’er Helps you Sleep
Pu’er has a high level of theanine; the tea particle that relaxes and gives you that calming effect.
Pu’er is also very low in caffeine, so a lightly brewed cup of Pu’er is also ideal before bedtime. The nurturing velvety texture of Pu’er gives you a warm soothing effect for a peaceful night’s sleep.
Pu’er Eases an Upset StomachPu’er is well-known for its benefits to the digestive system because it increases the juices released in your body to aid and ease digestion, and also alleviatingconstipation. Pu’er After Alcohol
Pu’er tea is renowned among the indigenous tribal people of Yunnan as the best means to combat the damage caused after drinking alcohol. Pu’er helps soothe a hangover by re-hydrating your body but most importantly it gives the liver a helping hand to repair itself so it can do its job better; processing toxins and poisons and getting you back to your best.Taste of Pu’er
menghai dayi Pu'er - A World of TastePu’er is a full-bodied silky tea with a slight sweet aftertaste. The taste and aroma of Pu-er has been likened to a deep breath of fresh air in a springtime pine forest after heavy rains.
The flavor and bouquet of Pu’er is reminiscent of the place it was grown and the house it was fired – bamboo, flowers, nuts and spices brought to life with every sip.
Pu'er Harmony
All Pu’er has great character and our tea masters use their highly tuned senses of taste, smell, sight and even touch to harmonize the different Pu’er flavors and guarantee that the Pu’er taste you love is the taste you get in your cup, every time.
It can take time to develop a full appreciation for the exotic complex flavor of Pu’er. As it takes time to produce the great tea itself or develop a palate for fine wine.
A World of Tastes
But, in many ways, describing the taste of Pu’er is like trying to explain the color ‘green’. Green is distinct from any other color, yet it has many different shades as there are many flavors to Pu’er.
The variety of flavors of Pu'er is without a doubt the most exotic among teas. To experience a world of tastes from the lush mountains of Yunnan you’ll have to try for yourself.Quality Pu’erMenghai puer tea – Over 70 Years of Quality Pu’erPu’er is a delicious healthy tea filled with tea chi or energy, and good quality Pu’er can make you feel great.
The Chinese know quality Pu’er when they drink it. Ours is the Pu’er tea of choice for the millions and millions of satisfied customers who’ve made China’s favorite Pu’er for over 70 years.
Perfect Pu'er
Our tea masters, steeped in centuries of Pu’er culture, use their experience and highly-tuned senses to make sure you get the perfect cup of Pu’er every time.
Look - See when the leaf is ready for pickingHear – Listen and know when the leaves have been fired just right
Touch – Rub and twist the leaves tenderly to loosen the tea flavors
Smell – Inhale the refreshing aroma after steeping the leaves
Taste – The true quality of Pu’er can only be revealed when the tea is tasted
Our tea masters know how to create the Pu’er taste you love.
For guaranteed quality every time, we are the name you can trust – Just choose Menghai puer

Serving Suggestions Your Pu’er, Your Way
Our suggestions for making a great cup of Menghai Pu'er:1. Fill your teapot or other container to 1/4 or 1/5 of the capacity. We suggest a small pot suitable for many short infusions.2. Awaken the tea: Soak the tea leaves in boiled water for up to 10 seconds. Then throw this brew away.
3. Infuse the tea leaves with freshly boiled water again for five seconds and pour this second brew into your teacup for a perfect cup of Pu’er.
4. For further infusions the brewing time depends on your own taste preference - the longer you brew the stronger the taste.
5. Because of the quality of Pu’er, it can be brewed many times, up to 30 cups. Simply keep adding freshly boiled water, and experience a different taste sensation with each brew.
6. Follow these brewing guidelines to fully appreciate the superior quality and flavor of Menghai Pu’er.Pu’er is the most versatile of teas – you can steep for 30 seconds or as long as 30 minutes, just find the right taste for you. Pu’er rarely gets bitter and you can drink cup after cup…enjoy.
Other Serving Suggestions
Pu’er, like all tea in Asia, is enjoyed by just adding water. And passionate Pu’er lovers insist that Pu’er is best drunk using this traditional method.
However, many new drinkers of Pu’er like to give their tea a new twist.
Over time we’ve heard of a variety of new ways to enjoy Pu’er:
The Cantonese who settled in California often add dried osmanthus flowers, pomelo rinds, or chrysanthemum flowers to the pot, to add a lightness and a fresh fragrance to the Pu’er.
You can brew wolfberries with Pu’er, or add ginger or lemon to give ex tra spice and help blood circulation.
Tibetans drink Pu’er with yak milk or butter, and a spoon of honey in your Pu’er is a great remedy for a head cold.
The Hani ethnic minority Pu’er growers often like to mix theirs with rice-wine alcohol (similar to moonshine or poitin in Ireland).
Whether you enjoy your tea in the traditional Asian way, or you like to try these, or your own Pu’er fusions, Menghai Pu’er keeps its dependable delicious flavor and its unique healthy rebalancing properties. Ripe Pu’er
Menghai Tea Factory Ripe Pu’er – Original & Best
Ripe Pu’er is also known as shou, cooked or black Pu’er.In 1973 our Yunnan Puer Tea Factory invented a new method for fermenting Pu’er tea. This made it possible to produce Pu’er in a few months instead of years. It also did not pose the trials of natural ageing that raw Pu’er did.
New World Of Pu'er
This method was called ‘Artificial Pile Fermentation’ and it created a whole new world of Pu’er.
The method calls for the leaves to be oxidized before the fermentation process.
Then we set the maocha leaves into plies and gently spray them with a mist of water from our Yi Yuan Well. Finally we cover the moist leaves with a hemp cloth.
Heat and moisture are carefully applied to emulate the natural ageing process.
Optimum Conditions
The active microbes develop just as they would in nature, only in optimum conditions where they thrive.
For sixty to seventy days we keep the leaves in these conditions and regularly turn them while the heat and humidity are strictly monitored.
Deep Burnt-Umber Liquor
The result is a dark, reddish tea with a bold earthy sweet flavor; rich like freshly turned moist soil.
The aroma hints of the forest floor after a spring shower. And the deep burnt-umber liquor is tinged with a red-orange hue.After a period in the drying room we press the Ripe Pu’er into bricks, mushrooms, cakes or whatever shape is desired.
Settle Flavor, Develop Character
If stored correctly Ripe Pu’er will age and mellow even further for up to ten years but it is ready to drink immediately after fermentation.
We age our Ripe Pu’er teas between one and ten years to let their flavors settle and characters develop.
Ripe Pu’er is the most popular today because it has a more balanced taste, which the majority of Pu’er drinkers prefer.