RF05 bone china coffee cup and saucer porcelain enamel porcelain flange ceramic gifts Franz Phoenix

price: US $59.00
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item Type: Black Tea
Product Category: Energy Cup, health cup
Num.: RF05
Material: Ceramics
For people: Lovers
Is there a patent: No
Whether imported: No
Capacity: 201-300ml

Product Description

[Baby Story] see this series will love at first sight. Franz was not as noble Taiwan, but also so delicate, more price close to the people. So fine ceramic technology is no longer unattainable. Oh relief effect is lifelike. Look at the elf, mood and dreams will be exceptionally wonderful. Whether for personal use or gifts are a great choice! This currently there are a number of manufacturers, we chose only the best.

Product Name: creative ceramic coffee cup

[Process]: handmade.

[Material]: ceramics.

[Specification]: 8.5CM * 8.5CM World Cup diameter: 17.5CM spoon length: 14CM.

[Package]: palette packaging can be directly given away,

[Price ratio]: Factory direct, Taobao Direct, reduce intermediate links, shopping malls and three to five discount sales

[Transport]: We have a professional and experienced packaging equipment packaging team to ensure transport safety worries. If in case, please contact the owner within 3 days, free replacement by our exchange or refund, all expenses thus generated are we assume, not dear consumers suffer losses at any point!

Product packaging as follows:


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