red dates

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Effectiveness of the role of dates

1. Enhance immunity jujube contains a lot of carbohydrates, mainly glucose, also contains fructose, sucrose, and glucose and fructose oligosaccharide composition, arabinan and galactal polysaccharides, etc.; and contains a lot of vitamins C, riboflavin, thiamine, carotene, niacin and other vitamins, has a strong nourishing effect, can improve immune function, enhance disease resistance

2. Sedative jujube contained flavonoids - double - glucoside A sedative, hypnotic and hypotensive effect, which was isolated naringenin C sugar glycosides central inhibition, which reduced spontaneous movement and stimulate the reflex action, tonic stupor effect, it jujube with a sedative, calming power.

3. Anti-cancer, anti-mutagenic jujube with a variety of three such compounds, including wood Ye acid, phytic acid are found in the mountains anticancer activity against sarcoma S-180 inhibited. Nutrients contained jujube, can enhance immune function, and maintenance of the anti-cancer function of human organs have a certain effect.